Our Choices - Change - Nope / Old School - Yep

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Hoaxster, Nov 1, 2008.

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    Food for thought - Change is morphing into Old School:
    Both candidates are offering "Old School" philosophies.
    McCain is Old School US
    Obama is Old School Western Europe.

    It's ironic how Obama is proposing to take the US towards a Western European Socialist style of government at the very time that the Western European countries are electing Capitalist/Rightist leaders to move their countries away from Socialism and towards Capitalism.

    So, the question is "Which Old School do you want"?
    US Capitalism that has worked well at the Macro level over a period of time
    Western European Socialism that has not worked well and is being discarded by their citizens.

    Full Disclosure:
    Of course, this is just looking at our choices from an economic aspect but for me that tends to override everything else. I tend to look at government in regards to how much of my money they are going to extort from me.
    I am one selfish SOB.
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    No I don't think that you are selfish.

    You seem more like a well educated realist.
    ( exactly the type that scares the left.):happy-very: