Our Teamster Money going to the Nation of Islam? for real?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by shortfuse, Sep 30, 2005.

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    Would you believe that we have a "gay,lesbian,transgender caucus" of the teamsters?
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    I don't believe that any group that spreads hate of others should be allowed to prosper. Be it the nation of islam, the kkk, or natizism. None. Notice Suzie, that the islam site believes all "negro-americans" deserve reperations. That was the point of me posting that site. They believe if you have skin that makes you a negro, you deserve reperations in the form of 20 to 25 years of total econimic support, plus land to become independent of "white-america", not taking into account the induvidual needs or wants of some of those black people who would not choose to exit America. Those black people who are color blind and live as an American.
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    gee +9.5 you must be feeling particularly guilty about something because I didn't think I ever mentioned you in this thread, nor have I ever called you a name.

    Hang on a minute, let me check.

    Hmmm, nope, not once.

    You must be confused.

    I see where you called yourself, and I quote, "I'm a "weak minded racist bigot", which I thought weird.

    If you were thinking I would jump to your defense I am sorry, but I don't know you that well and will just have to accept your self evalution at face value at this time.

    I am sorry if you cannot understand which parts are racist, but I am not willing to desiminate the crap in an effort to educate you.

    If you wish for private lessons contact me and we can negotiate a price for such lessons as I am always on the outlook for more discretionary income these days what with the pension outlook and all.

    I will quote the real Andy Rooney regarding this article you consider a fair and unbiased testament to real Americans as I am in total agreement with the real Andy on this subject.

    "Some of the remarks, which I will not repeat here, are viciously racist and the spirit of the whole thing is nasty, mean and totally inconsistent with my philosophy of life."
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    I don't have an opinion on 'reperations', but I can't say I blame them for asking.

    One could certainly argue that the victims of few centuries of slavery might deserve a better seat at the table.

    I didn't see any hate on their page; anger is there, for sure. They aren't even asking for a piece of the continental US, just viable land. I'm suprised no one has bought that for them somewhere far away. /sarcasm (tagged for those who who don't get it)
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    Gee, OK2, you quoted me in your post and added "weak minded racist bigots" in the same sentence. Silly me to think it related to me.

    I didn't ask you for education. I thought we could discuss this.

    Sorry, obviously I expected too much of you. Go live in your little PC world and be happy.
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    Got it, because I disagreed with your statement that most normal hard working Americans would agree everyday with that racist bigotted letter that infers that you are a racist bigot.

    Naw, although I can see where you could have followed such a train of thought.

    I believe my second post came closer to explaining it with "Not every word of that post is totally racist or even totally wrong, some of it I can actually agree with within limitations and it was designed that way on purpose so it could be eaten up by the borderline disgruntled as well as the pure bigots and hopefully enthusiastically endorsed in whole by the simpleminded."

    Now before you jump to the false conclusion that I am saying you are simpleminded I will say I would put you in the "borderline disgruntled" category which I believe your moniker pretty much describes as well.

    Not necessarily a bad thing, but it gets dangerous when you suck down racist crap wholesale just because it also happens to have some self serving feel good stuff mixed in.

    Sorry you took the worst possibility personally.

    The net does draw some one hundred percent KKK supporting, hatred spewing coward types and if you haven't ever witnessed that you don't surf much.

    The education thing was tongue in cheek.

    Ummm, unless you do have some money you would like to divest yourself of as the part about wanting more descretionary income in regards to the pension situation, etc. was not tongue in cheek.
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    Suzie, first let me say I am a realist. I try to see thing from the way thy are, not what others say they are. If I sound racist its not meant that way. That said, If the slaves that white Americans brought here were never brought from the continent of Africa, whould they be better off there today? I think not. There is apartheid in S Africa, and unrest in many other parts. Famon sweeps the continent. Drug lords rule other parts. People there are prisoners in their homeland. What they had to go through at the hands of slave owners is somethin noone should have to do. But if they did not come through the way they did, I think many would still be in Africa, if still alive. If black Americans trace their roots back to Africa and see what others in their families or villages who were not removed went through, and still are, they will see the choice made for them was the best one in the end. Where they are today and what they have, including belongings and freedoms, they are certainly better off.
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    Certainly most anyone living in the USA is better off than most anyone one in a village in west Africa, that's not the point.

    Can't you see how hundreds of years of slavery might just have an effect on the culture of the newly free? 400 years of slavery, maybe after 400 years of freedom things will even out. For now, I can understand the anger. Wouldn't you be a might POed, situations reversed?
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    9. We want equal education--but separate schools up to 16 for boys and 18 for girls on the condition that the girls be sent to women's colleges and universities. We want all black children educated, taught and trained by their own teachers.

    Under such schooling system we believe we will make a better nation of people. The United States government should provide, free, all necessary text books and equipment, schools and college buildings. The Muslim teachers shall be left free to teach and train their people in the way of righteousness, decency and self respect.

    10. We believe that intermarriage or race mixing should be prohibited. We want the religion of Islam taught without hinderance or suppression.

    The Nation of Islam belief. This the organization to whom your Teamster money is going to support in the Millon More March this Oct.14-16.

    This comes from the mouths of there leaders and followers.
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    "Can't you see how hundreds of years of slavery might just have an effect on the culture of the newly free?"

    No in fact Suzie this may be the dumbest thing you have yet come up with making it a winner.

    1)Tell me please who these newly freed are since slavery was abolisihed in this country approximately what 140 years ago?

    2)now could you explain exactly how someone being in slavery over 140 years ago hurts me today? Why that ancestor of mine was not even alive to share the experience with me. Now if you actually come up with some type of condition that you feel is caused by this slavery of 140 years ago please explain how it also affected the white people who's ancestors were worked in bondage during this time period you referred to. Please explain how the slavery of africans by africans on the continent of africa during this time period affected this race. Oh go ahead please tell. This should be good. Don't run and hide now like you usually do.
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    My ancestors, approximately 40,000 years ago were Cro-Magnon.... Am I entitled to some sort of government hand-out??
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    I will not respond any further to you, or a few others on this board, you don't deserve well reasoned answers.

    I will answer your question this last time though.

    Racism is the lingering effect of slavery.
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    "Racism is the lingering effect of slavery."

    "well reasoned answers."

    Was that a well reasoned answer?

    How can people who never had slaves or been a slave feel the lingering effects of slavery?

    Thats like bubblehead saying that the migration of the sharks in the ocean are do to the trade routes the slave ships took, because they threw over board millions of slaves.

    What a crock.

  14. susiedriver

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  15. dannyboy

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    Slavery in its simplest form is involuntary servitude.

    So that means that there were white slaves then also. Those that were enticed into indentured servant hood. While they thought they were getting a good deal, many of these poor souls ended up dieing before they repaid the debt.

    As far as the article, I have a problem with it. It would seem that the major contributors cant agree on how long slavery lasted. And I would suspect that it lasted far longer than most people think in the north.

    Still cant relate why something that was written 30 years ago is all that relevant.

    But then again, I look at life through rose colored glasses I guess. I think, no I know, in this country you can become anything you want. All you have to do is go for it, make it your sole desire and act on it. You cant just sit by and think it will drop into your lap.

    As for slavery, racism and the low scores on the tests, while I did not give credit for the clips I used, I did show them as quotes. And so my question remains. Why cant they answer correctly the questions asked. And if studies show that the same child will do much better in a white home, then what is wrong with a black home, and why is there no support for the student at home there?

    It would seem to me, if you have statistics like that, there should be a great awakening in the black community. Lets fix what is wrong with our system of child support.

    There are many black ministers that have taken stands along these lines. So it is not just my thoughts on the matter.

    As for racist ideologies, the great LF is a racist. I do not have a problem one with interracial marriages: I chose to hire someone that is black married to a white woman. But he does. HE is the fire that keeps racism alive and burning.

    But anyway, getting back to the original post, the article does really not claim that racism is the cause for the underperformance of blacks. What it does is state that the 42 presidents of the US have chosen to either look the other way or actually support the idea of slavery or Tom Crow.

    So actually instead of science, it is a real political piece.

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    I believe you are due some sort of government hand-out.

    Anyone who hasn't evolved in 40,000 years should receive special compensation. I applaud you for keeping your Cro-Magnon heritage alive and well in the 21st century.
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    upsvette....as funny as your response is to over95, it sort of proves his point, I think.

    There are opportunities out there. Anyone who chooses to ignore them is just plain stupid, and stupid comes multi-colored.

    Just a quick example......I have heard Bush talk of pell grants. Never knew what the heck they were until my daughter, a single mom with 2 kids, applied for a loan to go to college. She got a pell grant for $2000 to pay her tuition for the present session. There's another $2000 waiting for her for her next term too.

    All she did was WANT to go to school and she searched out help that might be available.
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    I found out about Pell grants when I was a single Mom, and making 3 bucks an hour in 1979. I could not believe there was such a thing. and one of the happiest days of my life was when I got hired at UPS because I was going to school. For all the complaining I and others do on here, it was a great feeling when I made enough money that I didnt qualify anymore and I had to get student loans and I gladly got them and paid them back. And since then I have paid enough taxes that I look at the grants as a God send which I have since paid back. And that is what they were designed for, to help people become gainfully employed tax paying contributing members of society. Moreluck is right, if you are happy living in poverty that is where you will stay. In my case I didnt like it and looked for a way out. And you have to be motivated, as it is hard work, it doesnt come easy even with the help. And it has been available to every race, and gender for years. But you have to look, and you have to sacrifice. JMHO
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    Pell grants cut
  20. moreluck

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    Susie....Cut, Not Cancelled!! You'd rain on a parade, I swear!