Our Teamster Money going to the Nation of Islam? for real?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by shortfuse, Sep 30, 2005.

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    This is something that we should all be proud of.
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    I don't care who wrote it. It rocks!
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    "The TNBC conference also endorsed the Million Worker March Movement and its participation in the Millions More Movementa national mobilization of African Americans and other workers for workers rights and against war."?????

    What does one have to do with the other? Sounds like they are having a problem with identity, so they have to borrow some from others.

    Betcha they have the 20-30 grand that showed up the last time.

    Glad they have the time.

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    What is about "being an American"? Writing a rant designed to appeal to racists and homo-phobes? Or falsely attribtuing the rant to a television personality in an effort to portray HIM as a racist and a homo-phobe?
    What I found to be most "American" was Andy Rooney's response:
    Now THAT's a sentiment we can all be proud of.
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    It sounds to me to be what most normal, hard-working Americans think every day.
    Most Americans don't subscribe to the BS PC mindset.
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    I suspect that by "most hard working Americans", what you really mean is "your circle of friends". I say that because you, like me, are a UPS driver, not a survey taker. I'm a normal, hardworking American, and I can assure you that I completely disagree with the contents of that rant.
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    So D-man you think that people who are non-citizens, black, yellow or purple deserve something just because they are non-citizens, black, yellow, or purple? We "white racist pigs" should just give them whatever they want because they are differant than us? Well let me say that the job I took back in 1983 was open to greencard non-citizens, black, yellow or purple people willing to work for a fair days pay. All you needed on the application was to be able to right the abc's upper and lower, fill out a check, and provide your normal resume information. If a person wants to work, they will find a job. If they believe they are "owed' something because years ago people like them were wronged, then they will wait for that to come. Welfare, stealing, drug or alchole abuse are an excuse to be a way of life for some people. Other take their own destiny into their hands and become something good. If we continue to allow people to "expect" things from society, for any reason, they will continue to expect. If society begins to expect or demand something in return, they will no longer be able to hide behind that excuse of what happened years ago. Lets start to make people accountable for themselves, and help only those who truley need it. This grest country will only become stronger.
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    Ok, so the post is written by a liar who pretends to be someone with real guts to appeal to fellow weak minded racist bigots by using simplistic stereotypes, which is about the only kind of stuff such pathetic morons can comprehend (sorry for using the big words).

    And there is some supporting characters on this website, no real surprise.

    As a normal hard working American I am proud to say that although there certainly are weak minded racist bigots in the US of A, they are a small minority, rather than a majority.

    The internet is a natural habitat for such cowards where they can hide behind anonymity.

    It's just the modern equivalent to white sheets in the dark.
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    Hmmm, I just reviewed my posts, and I can't find where I said anything even remotely resembling that statement.
    Thats probably true, but who are all these people who believe that? I have never met them or heard of them. I'm guessing you think that it's "all those black people", or something like that? Not that you're a racist or anything...
    Once again, who are these people? Have you met any of them? You make it sound like they are everywhere.
    So we should expect nothing at all from our society? If thats the case, what's the point of having a society? And there you go again with that "excuse of what happened years ago". What does that mean, and who are all these people using it as an excuse? Do tell...
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    whoever wrote that deserves it
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    I just read the whole thing again (real slow, because I'm a "weak minded racist bigot"). Of course that was said by some coward hiding behind internet anonymity...

    Anyhow, what exactly don't you guys agree with? Are you offended because he may be talking about people you know, or maybe your family?

    "Homo-phobes"?? All he said was it was an OPINION.

    "Rascist"?? But United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America are NOT rascist?? Get your head out of the sand!

    "It's just the modern equivalent to white sheets in the dark."

    I think I understand now. Anyone who disagrees with OK2 is a coward, a bigot, and a KKK member.
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    Not every word of that post is totally racist or even totally wrong, some of it I can actually agree with within limitations and it was designed that way on purpose so it could be eaten up by the borderline disgruntled as well as the pure bigots and hopefully enthusiastically endorsed in whole by the simpleminded.

    But that is exactly the point.

    In total it bleeds with it's over stereotyped racism.

    I understand how many good ole' boys would cottin to the whole thing though and that several here love it comes as no surprise.

    And of course you are wrong again as there are plenty of non bigotted, non KKK members that disagree with me on subjects and I can still respect them and even consider that I might be wrong on something.

    People like wkmac and traveler and tooner and ez and susie and many others.

    But you are right that all bigotted, KKK cowards will disagree with me on most subjects.
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    OK2, You don't like the article, so it MUST be designed "so it could be eaten up by the borderline disgruntled as well as the pure bigots and hopefully enthusiastically endorsed in whole by the simpleminded."

    Because I agree with it, YOU say I'm disgruntled, a bigot, and simpleminded. I don't think I am.

    Why don't you answer my question? (Instead of falling to your usual name-calling whenever someone doesn't agree with you).

    What part of the article don't you agree with?

    Are not United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America indeed rascist organizations?

    C'mon, OK2, no name-calling. Just discuss.
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    I want to thank you ladies and gentlemen for looking at the post. If you really would like to see what this Million More March is all about,who it's leader is,what they believe,why they believe it,I strongly urge you to review a website www.insidelocal767.com .This site is run by a fellow Teamster,every now and then he states his opinion,but mostly he lays out our rights to know what is going on inside our local 767 and the International.

    Finally,after you see what the Million More March is about,should we as Teamsters allow this money to be given to this organization? You be the judge. Please don't give your opinion based on what you think you know about the Nation of Islam Million More March,or what you may of heard,base it on the words of it leader,whose words our this website.
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    O95...They are indeed rascist organizations. Why society may except them is only because the playing field long ago was not level. The playing field today, while not perfect, is as close as it will get. I believe there are still people in corporate America who may judge people by the color of their skin, or religion, or many other things instead of only merit. Once most people become familiar with another, even if differant, the sterotype fades. They are then seen as equal. For any race or religion to say we deserve because of who we are is wrong.
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    I see it that by calling themselves the Teamsters National Black Caucus they themselves are seperating black from everyone else. Is this not a racist group? They are for the betterment of black Teamsters only. Whereas the Teamsters are for the betterment of the working class-all of us, reguardless of anything else. If you are for or against only one color race you are a racist!
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    Thanks for the link. That was an excellent speech, everyone should read it.
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    I'm not a supporter of the Nation of Islam, but I believe they have a right to their beliefs. I'm not a supporter of Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, or Pat Robertson either. They all have their beliefs, and are free to have them. This is America. I do understand why they are angry, though. I can't say that I blame them, either.

    As far as the speach that Farrakhan gave, what part(s) do you have a problem with?