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    Ok yesterday (Friday) they decided they needed to cut routes, I mean yep its peak lets send 8 guys home. Anyway my car was a joke a planned 14 hour day, how in the world can they do that you ask, I dont have a clue.

    Well one of the drivers not planned to work actually asked to do my route, now maybe he should be drug tested or something but he said he needs to work and will take what he can get. I let him have it but actually felt guilty about it. He calls me at 8 has about 7 hours of work left, is planning on meeting at 5 other drivers to bail him out. He punched out at 1048 and was not the last driver in.

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    Honestly who cares. For us it is easy money. You just need to let the frustration roll off your back. There are times I have covered routes where the truck was so packed I could hardly fit my lunch box in the back. The truck had 210 stops (routes cut : route normally goes out with 100 stops) in a small car. I had 25 stops done by lunch. Hahaha. It was that bad. I smiled and just kept on moving. If you think about it was one of the easiest days I had.
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    This is no common sense left at UPS. Only numbers on a report matter. And this is big : managers do not stick their necks out on the line to do what's right. They only follow and enforce orders. So when some nitwit in the District office
    says cut 8 trips a week before Christmas, they mindlessly follow instructions.
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    exactly, you were set up to fail....
    the only questions now for mismanagement are when do we bail him out or at what point can the remainder be recorded as missed
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    Limper said it best. Being in management for the last 15 years the company has changed too much. Since we look public the company doesn't look at the missed packages but only CPP(cost per piece) during Christmas time. The building that I work in we have some great managers but they can't run their business because they are being dictated what to do. It is hard to work in the preload and put out a quality product for the face of the company when they are trying to stuff 600 packages into a P1000.
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    I know that 90% of the drivers in the position I was in would have skipped their lunch. I still don't understand why drivers do that. Sorry but I am not here to fix their mistakes.
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    I was done at 545 as were most of the drivers in our building. I dont see how they can get away with breaking routes this time of year.
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    7 drivers went home on Thursday then they had the balls to tell me I need to help people even though my ETA is 9:00PM. I don't think so.
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    Word came from the top to cut routes here also, had more stops than Thursday when I worked 11.98. Once again they couldn't stuff it all in, so I had a meet to get the rest. Then a few hours later they sent help when it was apparent I wasn't going to finish again, at 1800 I got a helper. Was happy to have that helper cause by 1900 my phone was ringing constantly with people calling bitching about one thing or another. My helper, after overhearing the 3rd or 4th call and basically saying the same thing (calm down, take a deep breath, yes they can do that and work as directed) asked if I was the company shrink. Told him in a way I was, but no I'm just a union steward. My last call from a driver came after 9pm, when I was walking to my car. On the way home I stopped at the local watering hole for a drink (just one) and listened to more of the same, then drove one of the rookies home that didn't stop after one drink. Got home at 10pm, to my lovely and understanding wife. Gotta love this time of year. Thank god it's Saturday.
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    Because most of the drivers are still from the time period when things were managed somewhat well and felt they needed to look out for the company & the customers and if they did so the Company and customers would look out for them. Its not a bad philosophy and way of doing business as long as the Company and a decent % of the customers feel the same way.
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    I agree with that "old school thinking" but that time has passed and an adult should be able to recognize it. Drivers who still have this old mentality are not being taken care of but instead being taken advantage of. I try to explain it to them but most just give me the deer in headlights stare. I guess some old dogs you can't teach new tricks. I feel bad for most because I have become good friends with them.
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    Did this driver have a helper ??? IF so how long did he keep them. How many stops did this driver have? You only can fit so much crap in a package car no matter how big it is. It's not like each stop is getting only one package it's peak most of the places you stop business and house are getting multiple packages.

    I suspect there is a little I'll show them attitude from some drivers....
  14. The Blackadder

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    He had a helper 9 hours of a helper, its a house call route, he went out with 380 stops. Most I have ever done at Xmas on the route is 266 and that had me over 11 with a helper.

    Yes the PC was so packed he had trouble getting his lunchbox in it. Basically he spent the 1st 2 or 3 hours just digging out what he could and doing those stops.

    Having a helper is fine, but if you cant find the packages and cant line up the stops they dont help much.
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    Spending my first peak season in feeders. Worked a little over 8 hrs yesterday. Home before noon. No regrets.
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    I had two 14 hour days last week as well,due to route cutting and/or not putting routes in. I stayed in communication with the center about my situation as well as advising them i'd be bringing stops back. There is a distinct lack of concern over missed pieces ths peak,and i was wished'good luck' by the OMS and to 'work safely'
    I'm just waiting to get on the 9.5 list in January and make January as profitable as peak
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    I just hope that new policy goes through with the new contract: All drivers are automatically added to the 9.5 list and have to op out if they choose to.
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    The more stops you miss today, the more dense your route will be tomorrow. The more dense your route is, the higher your sporh. No time in transit guarantee's this time of year. UPS is only thinking how to max profits. Customers think their delays are caused by high volume, and are understanding for the most part. UPS takes advantage of this, and I think most customers would be very pizzed if they knew not using availale drivers was the reason for the delays.
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    It happens because drivers go home, if everybody stuck together and not go home, trust me they will not let you push a broom. You will be on the road.
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    That would work for one day. Then they would just lay off the bottom guys.