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I had to roll them up, they were so long they got caught on gearshift, speaking of gearshifts, mine came out of floor one day in my hand. "can you get it back to building" , Umm No. Blew a rod one day, I digress, It was so unsafe I put it in the boneyard. Pedal to the metal. Can you get it back to the building "umm no............." Did everyone a favor, deathtrap. Windshield wiper flew off in torrential rain, "can you get it back to building, "um No 3 school zones, and did I mention, No" I hope its better these days, you just have to say NO
When I broke down they’d ask if I could MacGuyver it up! I’m driver not a mechanic! Hell no! Send a mechanic!


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I had quite a bit of mechanical ability. I worked on cars alot, there was alot I could fix, I knew the basics. My mechanic loved it as I usually knew what was wrong..But yes, I got tired of driving junk and fixing it on the road, duct taping this, that, whatever.


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frozen pens, writing on paper, 2 foot first step, wooden shelf splinters, actual key for paddlock on door..Air leaks in winter, so bad....No shorts in summer. Not as many convienience stores on every corner. But the beer was cold at night, and the comraderie was great.