1. tintininis


    So this year my attendance has been on a roller coaster but, as of today my record for the past 9 months only has 2 occasions. However My sup took my case to panel the last call in I did and I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve gotten a few he said she said and a 1 day suspension a while...
  2. D

    I was just fired for reporting an dishonest employee! What to do?

    So, around a month ago, I got wind of a person who I got hired at UPS was stealing from the company the way I found out was by speaking with one of our mutual friends and him telling me that not only was she stealing from my mom in my mailbox, but she was stealing from the job I got her on with...
  3. cardboardallergy

    Saturdays not optional?

    Hello my center is insisting drivers have to work Saturdays all the way up to third in seniority. Is this true? I am supposed to be visiting family Saturday. I do have a lot of seniority by the way if that makes a difference at all.
  4. D

    You have until Friday to get over 200 pph or we'll decide this isn't a good fit for you

    So I've been working as a package loader at Ceritos for about 20 days now, or a little over a work month. We need 400 pph, my supervisors admit 300 is more realistic, I have yet to get over 180. On Tuesday, my manager told me that unless I can get over 200 by friday than we'll decide it's not a...
  5. H

    My hours are driving me crazy and I don't know what to do.

    For context I only started almost a year ago so I'm fairly new. I've been getting called in to work my local sort (5:30pm-9:00pm) then sometimes preload (3AM-8:00AM). Somedays I drive 8am-6pm then be expected to MAYBE work preload 3am the next day. So im summary I have to stay available all day...
  6. I

    Feeders Call Board

    I have a question for all feeders. I am a feeder driver out of Fort Worth, TX local 767. Does anyone else deal with a “call board”?! For those who don’t it is the worst and most dangerous thing for truck drivers. For example last week I was called in for work on Monday at 0800 to run a job. I...
  7. CoSpgsDriverLJ

    New Driver in Progression

    I just started progression three weeks ago. I haven’t made scratch once yet. I follow all the methods as closely as possible and I work as efficiently as I possibly can. My route, for the most part stays the same, however they’re always having me close out the UPS store, which easily adds...
  8. J

    Where do i find the serial number on my UPS scanner and what does it begin with?

    Hello, I am a new UPS driver, on the UPS Global pickup & delivery app and it is asking me for a User ID and Serial number to log in. I am aware of my User ID however I am confused on where to find the serial number? Can i have some answers on what it begins with and how long the serial number...
  9. J

    Over worked and irritable

    I am a ups driver that has an ongoing worker’s compensation case. On 8/19/21 I worked as a package car driver from around 9am until around 10pm. I was told by management to work the next day. I had little to no sleep and came to work on 8/20/21 at 4am(preload shift). During the end of the...
  10. Lambo

    Second week preloading, need some insight.

    Today was the end of my second week preloading trucks off the belt. Running out of room in trucks is becoming less of an issue and I'm getting slightly more efficient at finding the right shelf, no misloads etc. But loading 4 trucks at times becomes extremely stressful and overwhelming, I...
  11. A

    PT - Academic transfer out of state

    25 years old, Been a PT package handler 5 years now, looking to go to school and work where my entire family relocated in Florida, i currently work in California. i know my seniority would go to the bottom with an academic transfer as it should, but does anyone know what would happen with my...
  12. Okay?

    Being sent back to driver school

    So for some context here, I went to Intergrad in 2019, passed with flying colors, and have been an air driver ever since. I've done every seasonal period, driving full routes in a package car, usually blind. I run in at scratch or under 99% of the time I've run routes and I know almost all of...
  13. TakeABreakDriver8

    What kind of package car is this?

    I know, I know, I should probably know what kind of package car I drive, but I don’t. Can anyone figure out the year, make, etc from these clues? I know some of you smarties have got to know! Clues: -Diesel -Starts with 147... -200,000 ish miles -Looks like a grand but a bit wider and more...
  14. K

    What exactly happens with a part time 5 year vested pension? Is it worth it to get just a 5 year pension?

    I'm a package handler and I have worked at UPS since Peak 2015, I recently graduated from university and got a day job and am trying to start a career. However, I am only 5 months and 400 hours away from getting my 5 years of 750. Today I got in an argument with my FT Sup over a warning letter...
  15. U


    I was discharged today for “theft.” I’ve been a full time package driver for a little over two years now (still utility). So what happened was I did a delivery and then grabbed a printer (delivered by amazon) on the way back, they have it on there door cam and everything. I don’t remember...
  16. Bob Saget

    Qualifying driver screw up.

    Hi all, I’m on my 12th day of qualification. Yesterday I got some bad news. I left a next day air in my truck from one of my pickups. Sup and Union rep took me aside, just told me not to do it again. Then today, I was informed that I left another next day air in my truck. I was seasonal for two...
  17. R

    No news for 2 weeks after DOT and road test

    I'm wondering what the heck is going on. It's been just about 2.5 weeks since my roadtest/DOT and still nothing from HR. Is this the norm? I have left multiple messages, filled out all neccessary documents, but still nothing! Anybody have any idea what's up?
  18. N

    Questions about back pay for former employee's

    Hello I was employed by UPS as a package handler for almost 3 years. Two years was spent in NM and I had to leave the company for about 4 weeks because I moved to TX and had to re apply and restart my seniority/lose my benefits, however I did about almost 7 months before I injured my back. (of...
  19. RockfordKaiju

    Where on god's green earth do I find the "Enroll Online" section at UPSers?

    Heya folks. I work at the Rockford Air Hub (daytime ramp) as a part-timer, and I got my insurance packet. Now, this one's on me, I've basically put it off to the last second. I gotta fill this stuff out so I can have some comfy removal of teeth and other such amenities. However, I have my...
  20. C

    Question - Wedge Sole Boots Allowed

    Can we wear Thorogood's work boots with a wedge sole? ($200 pair of boots, so now I'm worried to get them dirty aka wear them around to break em in before work.) I've always preferred this boot because the wedge sole is was easier on the feet and gives better traction. So didn't think anything...