Over9Five where are you??


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I haven't seen a post from you in a long time. You were a prominent member of BC and was wondering if you were OK? Maybe I missed some of your posts but I don't think so. Hope all is well.


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He posted today in another forum after taking a few weeks off. I hope he will post some more, he is missed by many of us.


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Yes it was probaly your fault.
Heck I dont know, I think we all take breaks now and then. Some of us are missed more than others:happy2:


Theres a holdup in the bronx
brooklyns broken out in fights
there a traffic jam in harlem
thats backed up to jackson hights
brownies getting riled
like someboby took his child
over9five where are you?


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Re: I'm still here!

Wow! A thread about ME!!!!!!!!

I've had this feeling lately that my brain cells are turning to dust, so I've been doing other things. Last year I had bought the Rosetta Stone Spanish discs, so I've been exercising my decaying brain cells trying to learn that.

I've been here (BrownCafe), but have limited myself to reading just a couple threads. Very hard to do!

I'm sure I'll be back FT. Upstate is probably having a field day with no-one to rebut all his pro-company rhetoric!

PS. Who hacked my account and deleted my info??? And my eyeball!!!! I NEED my eyeball!! (I could go back to the swingin' raccoon...)