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    If there is one thing we overlook and this does'nt mean just drivers, but just about everyone...it's the care and pampering of our feet.

    A couple who knew what I did for a living decided to get me a gift certificate for a spa pedicure for my birthday. This past weekend I decided to redeem it.

    My first thought after walking into this Vietnamese-owned salon was the chemical smell ( all the workers were wearing surgical masks)..was how the hell can you work here without losing key brain cells.

    They immediately sat me down in a massage chair/built-in-foot spa. The water was warmed while I fiddled with the chair controller for a full neck-to-calf massage.

    After soaking my feet in warm,sweet-smelling-sudsy bubbles, my massager arrived in full battle gear (face mask) and what looked like a fishing gear tool box. She whipped out a brush that looked like a toothbrush on steroids and started to scrub my foot. The feeling was incredible.

    After drying both feet, I was given a calf-massage,toenail clipped,sanded and honey lotion for skin hydration and she even pulled my toes until it "popped". After some cuticle work she used some sort of brush to get the dead skin off.

    The time went by so fast I did'nt want it to end. My feet never looked and felt so good before. Women have known about spa treatment for years and its time for us men to try this out. This was the best present I've had in years and thought I'd share the experience with y'all.

    and p.s.....you won't even notice that "chemical smell" once it starts....
  2. Bubblehead

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    Did you get the "happy ending"?
  3. bigbrownhen

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    I have never had a "spa" day in my life. Closest thing would be going to get my hair cut. My daughter and I make an appointment for the same time, usually spend a few hours just getting our hair all done up fancy. I do enjoy the girly time though once in a while. It is great therapy.

    I might have to try the foot massage, my feet just kill me.
  4. UPSF Peeon

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    story sucks without the happy ending
  5. soberups

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    I deliver to a salon and there is something that just... seems wrong to me about seeing a row of wealthy, pampered-looking Caucasian women sitting up on the chairs and chatting with each other, while Asian women kneel before them and massage their feet.

    Intellectually, I know that its just a business..... intellectually, I know that there is nothing wrong with paying someone to perform a pedicure on your feet.... and intellectually, I know that there is nothing "racist" about fact that the customers happen to be Caucasian while the salon employees are all Asians.

    But for whatever reason, it just looks wrong to me.

    I would love to get a pedicure some day, but I have the most Godawful looking feet you can possibly imagine. My feet belong in a horror movie and anyone who tried working on them had better have a cast-iron stomach as well as a full rack of Snap-On tools and an industrial-strength grinder.

    As nice as a pedicure sounds, I cannot in good conscience inflict that much trauma upon an innocent human being.
  6. JonFrum

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    "Only the toes knows." --- Mel Profitt :wink2:
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    Next time take a photo of you walking out in flip-flops and cotton between your toes.....

    My "Boom Boom Longtime" girlfriend is not Vietnamese but Irish-German-Swedish and takes my shoes and socks off almost everynight and messages my feet. Even gets the crud between the toes. Grosses the kids out ...and we laugh at their disgust....Occasionally, there are happy endings....I know, TMI....BTW.. I hope this thread don't attract those with foot fetishes...
  8. moreluck

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    They now have these salons where you soak your feet in water that has little fish in it and the fish nibble away all your dead skin. Ewww!! I can't stand to have anyone touch my feet....too much tickle!!
  9. klein

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    Yeah, thats how they make their fishsoup and fishsoup stock.
  10. evilleace

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    So this would be your pedicure sober :happy-very: (at the 2:45 mark)

  11. brownmonster

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    A shop just opened on my route. Hot little Hmong number running the joint. I think I'll ask for the UPS discount.
  12. dilligaf

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    Men are starting to learn about the benefits of a pedicure. You guys should go. I have had a few and enjoy them immensely. I had one scheduled for last sat but had to cancel it to go have my hitch put on my bike. Priorities, LOL. Take care of your feet guys, the rest of you will be happier in the end.
  13. ups1990

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    Watch for foot fungus, people have sworn they got it at one of these types of "spa's".:sick:
  14. dilligaf

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    +1 Absolutely. Personally, I would not go to any of the asian salons.
  15. klein

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    I agree with soberups.
    If I ever think I need foot spas... then I will just buy one of those $50- $100 electrical foot massage baths they have at stores.
    Simple as that.

    I did buy these new house slippers , they are battery operated, and vibrate the feet with a touch of a button.
    Massage slippers, I think they are called. They were only $20 per pair. Nice, cozy, and warm , too.

    I have a tendency of getting the odd foot cramp, daily or every second day... Now, I just turn on my vibrating shoes....and within a minute (less or more).. the cramps disappear.
  16. Raw

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    That reminds me, time for an asian massage!:happy2:
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    So, wifey #3 is more open minded that #1 and #2?:wink2:
  18. Raw

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    Forget about it!:wink2: