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  1. DS

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    Hello everyone,This is a great site,and I've been reading the threads about 2 years and finally decided to join,I have been a supervisor at ups for a few years now,and I think ups wastes a lot of money with all the paperwork involved in overmanaging employees to the point where it makes them resentful towards the company.
    I have been reproached a few times for refusing to discipline employees for insignificant mistakes.I have about had it with the being screamed at for things that I can't change due to cutbacks.I have about had enough,
  2. satellitedriver

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    If you have had enough, then enough said..
  3. Anonymous 10

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    Maybe it's time to quit.
  4. Billy

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    Sounds like we need a few more sups like you
  5. tieguy

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    time to man up. Good supervisors dont need a lot of follow up and dont get "screamed at". Leaders lead. If you're the guy that needs a zap from the cattle prod to do your job then you should as suggested consider a career change.
  6. brownmonster

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    What he's trying to say, ole ancient one, is he's sick of all the nitpicky bs that gets printed out every day. He would like to actually be allowed to accomplish something but his hands are tied. Pointing out that you only took 29 minutes of lunch while you spend 20 miles a day chasing misloads makes sense only to those in a distant office. Let them manage or quit calling them management. Any OMS could do the job they do for alot less money.
  7. tieguy

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    Perhaps you should learn to do your job a little better before you then progress to educating me on mine. Jim Casey who you folks claim to revere and admire often commented to the effect that chasing the little things tends to keep the big problems from becoming big problems. In his capacity in his role it his job to ask why you only took 29 minutes of meal. He is then required to arrive at a solution that maintains service and ensures you meet government and contractual requirements that you get your hour meal. If he is unable to arrive at a viable solution after exhausting all requirements at his level he then bumps it up to his boss for help. Doing so keeps him from getting yelled at by his boss. I hope I was better able to help you understand these complex issues.
  8. Old International

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    We are losing a great preload PT supe because UPS won't do the right thing and promote him to full time. Now he is going to buy out and run a junkyard.
  9. Dragon

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    cutback leadership....I sent you an email...
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    I love that show Sanford & Son "where is my ripple Lamont ".
  11. brownmonster

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    Right away you assume I get an hour meal period. We get 1/2 hour. If the company wants to pay people to carry reams of paper around worrying about 1 minute then so be it. On the day in question I split my meal period into 3 and added the total wrong. Jim Casey would have said why are we allowing drivers to split up their lunch. Isn't it our job as an employer to allow for a full uninterupted lunch? Like I said, part time office girls can do 90% of what an on-car does.
  12. Anonymous 10

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    It's sad to say but your right. I always said they could get some guy that works for Geek Squad and pay him 15 buck an hour for sixty hours to replace these guys.
  13. tieguy

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    Looks like you're all over the board on this one. First you defend the guy then you slam him by saying any part time office girl could do his job. focus monster focus on the point you're trying to make here.
  14. DS

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    Sir,I do not doubt your integrity,but must point out to you that the quality of our job is depreciated by
    not letting us make our own decisions.
    Heinrich Himmler oversaw the extermination of millions of people.
    Did he ever stop to ask himself if it was right or wrong?
    No.Because it was bad for the "company"
  15. fxdwg

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    Very stupid and inappropriate response young man.
  16. DS

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    May a bit over the top as analogy.I apologize if anyone was offended,I was just trying to point out that
    following orders to meet the standards ,precludes the human factor that makes a company prosper.
    With no input,how can they expect me,a real human being,to positively
    interact with the people I am supposed to be mentoring?
  17. JustTired

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    Many companies are a lot like congress.
    This company says that its' people are its' most important asset and that it appreciates their input.
    Congress says it's going to listen to the American people.

    The fact remains that until they put something in their head that keeps that input from going in one ear and out the other.....nothing will change.
  18. tieguy

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    Are we talking about the ills of socialist germany or about your role as a management person?
    If we are discussing your role then you do have to work within the structure and guidelines of your position. You are not in a position to decide which rules you will enforce and which ones you will ignore. If you want to be the person that makes that decision then you will have to work towards becoming CEO. When you get there you will discover there are consequences to ignoring these things you consider trivial.
  19. brownmonster

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    Can't focus. My eyes are too blurry from looking at reams of wasted paper shoved in my face every morning.:greedy:
  20. UPSBS

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    I feel your pain. My "manager" lives in the recliner (literally naps at work). What a waste of a 6 figure salary!!!