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    I have been getting overpaid for a few months unknowingly and just recently my manager has informed me that I owe UPS $500 back in pay because of the payroll departments constant errors. I am a part time worker and only work 15 hours a week at most. If they were to take money from my checks then I wouldn't have enough to even pay for gas to make it to work for that week. Along with that I do not have a second job because I am focusing on my education. Had I known about my payment errors I would have said something to my supervisor, but I've never noticed it. Am I obligated to repay UPS because of the mistakes they have made? Or is there something the Union can do to help me out because I personally can't afford to be paid $20 for a few weeks. Please somebody help me out with this?
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    If you were overpaid, you owe the money. Verify that first.
    You should be able to pay back the money over the same period it was overpaid to you. If center manager does not agree then go to Union.
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    You should be able to work out a payment plan with your center manager. $20 a week for 25 weeks is $500.
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    Technically the company may have to file a grievance to recover the overpayment. If your local rider has language like ours in JC37 then I believe your on the hook for the overpayment that has occurred in the last 90day thats all. Or you can just pay the over payment back. Most times they'll work with you on a payback plan. Anyways, Good Luck.
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    Just wondering . . .

    Is the overpayment the result of a true clerical error?

    - or -

    Is it the result of a unilateral change in policy by UPS? (Like taking away your "extra dollar" per hour that you formerly were entitled to.)

    UPS would have to negotiate the latter with the Union before making a policy change.
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    If your paycheck had been shorted....would you have noticed it ???? Just bringing up something I haven't read here yet.
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    You say you're getting 15 hours a week at most. Is the overpayment possibly caused by someone giving you your 3.5 guarantee which amounts to 17.5 hours a week?
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    Read my mind
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    The contract is only the minimum that the company must pay you. They are free to pay you more with they want too. :greedy: