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    Hello everyone. So I have a problem. My paychecks had been short about 86 minutes over the course of 3 weeks. Some was overtime, some was not. When I talked to my full-time supervisor to fix it, she did not, so I filed grievances for it. This woke her up, and she corrected the time. However, she did it by overpaying on my last paycheck. It turns out that I was overpaid, as the extra time was about 75 minutes of overtime, although I had not been short that much. I told her, and she said that was the correction. I am a paranoid person, and think that this is a way to get me fired since I am ruffling feathers with my supervisors working grievances (I figured they would get me for dishonesty for not reporting the overage). However, I reported it to my full-time supervisor, but she could say I never told her. I told my steward about it just in case. Are my fears justified, or am I being crazy?
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    If you told a steward I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    Unless I'm mistaken they only have so long to take the pay back before you get to keep it but I could just be confusing that with them having to get you your paycheck in X amount of time before they have to pay you more.
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    You notified your sup of the shortage and she (incorrecty) corrected it. The money is yours to keep.
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    I guess I will just leave it there. I told her that the correction was an overpayment, and at any rate it will put a small dent in the mountain of shortages that are bound to have happened in the past without my knowledge.
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    don't worry about the overage.
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    You said you filed a grievance. What is the disposition of that grievance? Is it possible you were awarded "penalty pay"? If you are part-time, it would be half your guarantee. 75 minutes of overtime would be about 1.88 hours of straight time.
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    I figured that if that was the case, then it would appear separately on another check entirely, for that specific purpose (penalty pay plus time short). This overpayment was simply on the normal week's check. I did file a grievance, and have not yet heard about the decision on it, and I presume that the correction appeared too soon to have been a result of the grievance.
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    It looks like you have to CYA. Keep an accurate record of your time with the paper timecards UPS has for double shifters. Documentation will always trump word of mouth. Some of our people do that over here just to keep management honest. The system is seriously more complicated than you think and it's easy to lose track of who get's paid from where and whom. Everyday I get paid out of 3 different areas on 2 different contract parts (air and part time inside) air get's paid out by feeder, my part time work when I shift cars is paid out of the centers and if I have to load or do smalls it's paid through hub. It's not hard to see why it happens. Just make sure the hours add up at the end of the week. Document document document!