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    Hello I was paid the wrong rate for about a month. I notified management and payroll about this multiple times and have written evidence of them saying that my pay was correct. Fast forward a month and now they are saying that I was overpaid and that they were wrong and want me to pay back all of the money. Is there any way to fight this or do I just have to pay back the money even though they made the mistake?
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    If you have written proof that you notified them then there is a time limit for them to go back and collect it. I do not have the contact with me but it is in there.
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    Article 17 states that your responsibility ends 5 working days after written notification is given to UPS.
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    Thanks TD, so I shouldn't have to pay back anything since I have payroll verifying that it is correct?
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    The contract reads that if you notify management in writing (verbal is ok) of any overpayment that your liability ends after 5 days. Don't sign anything that allows them to take any monies. Even it was only verbal argue that you informed them of the overpayment. Contractual wages are minimums don't let them claw back if you brought it to their attention. Your case is STRONG don't give in.
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    We have the right to request payroll corrections up to 90 days.

    I would think the company has the same right.

    Are the overages significant? Most of the time if they are not the company will not pursue it.
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    Our center manager and supes (even the part time supes) have finally stopped telling us drivers that we we are all overpaid. Wonder if they are trying to change attitudes in our facility? BTW, still waiting for them to come and ask for the company's money back. STILL WAITING. Hello? Crickets....
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    You need to check your supplement under "maintenance of standards".

    Generally, either party can go back 90 days to recoup on a loss.


    "When an employee notifies the Employer in writing of any ongoing overpayment, the employee’s increasing liability will cease five (5) working days after the date of the written notification. The notification shall be provided to the employee’s immediate supervisor or manager."


    5 days after written notice is served....

    Is when any further (employee) liability ends.

    He could still be responsible for any previous amount.

    Best thing to do is file a grievance.

    The company doesn't like being embarrassed, by payroll errors.


    * Just to add.... *

    They should notify you in writing of the error, and their intent to collect.
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  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Bug, wouldn't you agree that they don't normally pursue minor overages?
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    I have seen them pass on $5000.00, because of a payroll error.

    The employee had no idea they were being overpaid.

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    $5,000 minor? My bank account isn't set up that way...
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    ....nor would you be expected to pay it all back in one shot.
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    Just a little background on this;

    It involved a (pre-82) red circled pkg car driver, that bid back inside....

    And jumped between 22.2 and 22.3 jobs, several times.

    It got very convoluted, and was a nightmare to unravel.

    The reason the company passed on trying to collect any overage, it was a payroll

    dept glitch and no fault of the employee. Things happen.

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    You will have to pay them if they notify you within 90 days of the over payment. they can't just get it back with out your consent, usually there are terms. keep in mind you can make them file a grievance to collect the over payment. usually this is the better route because then they will have to provide documentation and you and your business agent can look over it. an issue that I've experienced with over payments is the tax and 401k deductions. id make them eat the taxes.
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    And, how many members didn't realize..... the company could file a grievance ?

    Most of the "vote no page".

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    If the overage involves a vacation, they can go back 12 months?
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    last year I took a vacation the week we received our raise... the entire week was paid at the increased rate when only a couple days should've been... Ups spent like 3 notices to recover those few bucks.... So they do chase small amounts sometimes
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    I wonder if this that deadlocked case out of Local 348?