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    well i am supposed to be doing 27.5 hrs allotted each week per salary. I hav had a 29.5 and a 31.83 these past 2 weeks and im going in 11 30 pm tonite to cover my front half sup and will get 10 hrs alone today .. I mean I like it ill take all the extra they throw over .. it only boost my check up .. but considering we didnt work monday do i still get overtime for tommorrow ? like what im trying to say is the overtime done on a daily hr total or weekly ..?
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    Its paid daily.Even if you call in sick say on Monday,if you get any overtime during the rest of the week,its time and a half.
    The funny thing about it is that if you take one day off,and get 2 hrs OT every other day you get paid for 36 hours,and it puts you in a lower tax bracket for that week and the amount you clear compared to if you had worked that one day works out to less than $100.
    I rarely call in sick though,I need that extra hun.
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    well both in your case PK you should be getting ot for your daily work and anything over the 27.5 you should be getting your premium
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    He is a sup. He is not paid daily. The formula for their pay uses the weekly total and then gets formulated based on three pay brackets.


    When you go into PTRS it will show you have 5.5 scheduled hours for Monday. To answer your question, yes those do count even though it's a holiday.

    The reason for this is simple, yet not thought of often. Basically PT sups would never get a paid holiday if this were not true. What would probably happen in this. Your Ft sup/ shift Manager would just work you 27.5 hours in four days. Essentially destroying your paid day off.
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    This was a major problem back when the PTRS was first installed in California. The hours showed as 0 for a holiday. So the cumulative affect of OT for the week did not exist. There was no incentive for PT Sups to work any OT for that week.

    It sounds like they changed the system since I retired. 5.5 hours is a more fair way to distribute the hours for a holiday.
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    Just make sure you do all of your hours and you will be fine!
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    The only reason I happened to know was that some of us were going to go over 27.5 hours one time. Then I realized I had not worked Monday. I called my sup and said it would be fine for me to do extra hours. Then he explained the aforementioned reasoning to me.

    So was the problem two sided in Cali? Was one problem that Pters had no ambition to work more? And the other that Fters just ran them for almost seven hours for four days?
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    yea i checked when i came in today and seen that i was a 5.5 for monday ( labor day ) so it comes out to 30 hrs total for this week
  9. UPS Lifer

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    Yes - It was two sided. The FT sups knew the PT sups would not come up on the over 27.5 report. The PT sups felt they were working for free. I had to reprimand the FT sups for this. But I also looked at the attitude of the PT sups as well.

    PT sups have changed over the years since the 1980's. Back in the 80s-90s, they worked hard and were hoping to go FT. Now, I feel PT sups (in general) are more like glorified hourly workers. This has nothing to do with degrading the non-management employee. On the contrary, I normally do not use the word hourly, I rather define the difference as mgmt and non-mgmt. I make no bones about it... this is focused on those PT supervisors who in my opinion are degrading the PT sup position.

    I want to make the distinction, because in my experience, most PT sups are only concerned with how much money they are making. Other than some additional responsibility, a PT sup in not much different than a non-management employee.

    I don't want to get a bunch of flack over this. I did not pre-judge each PT sup. I judged them as I saw where their priorities, and values were at. There are a number of sups who just do what they can to get by. This is just another job. I did not want mgmt people like this working for me.

    If I get the opportunity to pick the folks who work for me ( and I did) .... than this is not the kind of sup I want working for me. It does not mean that I expect the sup to work without proper pay.... It is about attitude.
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    I've seen the same. P/t sups are not looking to move up as much as they were in the eighties. we poll them and often find many or most do not want the extra responsibility that comes with advancement.
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    Even in the middle 90s a pt sup was making over $25,000 plus (with some years under the belt) for ptime hours and they didnt want to go fulltime for a little raise at this point.

    Anyone remember the old saying, part time is fulltime and fulltime is all the time?
  12. UPS Lifer

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    I am not sure where you are going with this??? All the part time supervisors that I had a hand in promoting full time basically doubled their salary. If they were double shifting on a continual basis, they may have received a slight bump but they got stock.
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    I wish they had PTRS when I was a pt sup. I may have left without a sour taste about ft.
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    well since last paid the 25th of august : I have accumalted 9 hrs of what they call " premium pay " where i guess its paid at just your hourly rate when salary is divided by hrs so its around 16.00 I think