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    greetings brownies! One day i hope to drive for ups but was denied my bid to cover drive for lack of seniority. In the meantime I'm accumulating seniority loading at night. Since I'm committed long term would the p/t sup position I was offered be a good move? I know I'll get plenty of negative feedback, which I will consider, but does anyone have any positives?
  2. MJ,

    Anyone who answers before you give a few more details should be taken with a grain of salt. How many years do you currently have in, is driving your only goal or would you considier F/T management, do you have a degree or nearing it and i hate to say it, do you fall in any minority classification.
    In many areas of the country you may be doing the same work only with a new title (ex..covering for call off, no show, etc .....and please YES I KNOW NO MANAGEMENT PEOPLE SHOULD EVER HANDLE PACKAGES but we will defer to reality to help MJ because we all know it happens)
    If you go into P/T supervision it is very difficult to become a driver. Someone can correct me but i believe 6 union members (p/t with the seniority) must be taken before UPS can throw in 1 p/t supv or outside hire. So you will still be a fish its just that as a p/t its in a smaller pond with a smaller school.
    I'll defer any other comments till you give us more details to hopefully help your decision
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    Most part time sups will tell you that was the worst choice they made. At least in our district. It is almost impossible to go from a pt sup to full time....Hence, your stuck part time for life. If you want management, go driving, and turn in your papers for management from there. Then you will be FT, and will be able to make a career out of it.

    UPSBOI You don't want to know!

    If you want to drive do not become a superviser! Stick it out as a hourly.

    HEAVY MJ New Member

    most of the p/t sups I have talked to say they regret taking position but i would make more money for more or less the same job. Is boi right about no sup if want to drive? that would definetly put me off.

    HEAVY MJ New Member

    33 year old white boy not college educated with seven months at UPS. I work in a big center and am eligible for cover driving even with so little time in. I took loading job like many of you for the benefits and soon realized that driving is an excellent job and set that as my goal. I'm really just trying to make the most of my time while I get seniority. As far as f/t management goes I would not be opposed to any oppurtunity but realize that lack of time in and degree may limit me.Maybe gibby can tell me I have no chance. He had some hot sports opinions on the subject.:)
  7. MJ,

    Well then i would suggest you stick it out as an hourly. The F/T management career path would require you to utilize the tuition reimbursement program and finish a degree, which in itself "aint a bad idea". Jump at any chance to become air driver on Saturdays, etc. In addition to the hours it gives you a little taste of what the job is like. (But dont forget your route as a regular driver will have nice 100lb pottery barn boxes in place of those light little letters).
    As far as promotions to F/T, I would agree it is easier from the driver ranks BUT in our neck of the woods most of the promotions to F/T supervisor are coming from the P/T supervisor ranks and ONLY because very few drivers are interested in turning in their browns for a tie (read between those lines).
    You will have to juggle two part time jobs for a few years. The only reason to go into P/T supervision would be to pursue your degree. No need to argue "if" a degree is needed to be a good sup, thats the way it is now.
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    MJ if you take part-time sup pos you could get all the schooling you want and a full-time driver could get the job with no schooling because it is ,though a promotion, a lateral move fulltime to fulltime,if you want to drive stay hourly or you will not be able to drive
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    I just left UPS a week ago for regular hours, and a boss that actually cares about you. I was a pt-sup. In my area if you are a pt-sup and wanted to become a driver, you also had to submit your ft/sup papers. If you did not make your probationary period you HAD to go into ft management. ALL of the sups in my area turned it down... no one wants ft management. The benefits are nice, extra tuition $$$ and you get a half month bonus in Dec. but imho its not worth all the nonsense that comes with it. Stay in the union!!
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    ....if that's not a glaring commentary on the state of this company I don't know what is.
    Good luck on the outside. From what you say it's probably a good move.
  11. tieguy

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    The real question is how long do you have to wait before you have enough seniority to drive. If not long and the FT driver job is what you really want then stay put. If you're looking at years then the p/t sup job is something to consider.

    By the way I love reading these threads. You guys make managment sound so bad that I must be one bad mother to be able to do it every day. :thumbup1:
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    if you "justleft", why are you still here? doesn't your new, better, job have a website?
  13. trickpony1

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    ....or a mother without a conscience.
  14. toonertoo

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    For the same reason retirees still come here.......it was a part of their life?
  15. ups79

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    but retirees have completed that part of their life. he couldn't bear it so he moved on, taking with him all the knowledge he had gained from UPS. Don't you think that what might have got him a new job in the first place was on his resume that he had worked at UPS. did he bad mouth UPS to his new employer in his interview, I think not or else he might never had gotten his new job.
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    I am brand new to this site and this is my first post. Haven't figured out how to start a new thread yet, so I'd thought insert a message here.

    I am hoping you guys could give me some advice on how to become a full time driver for UPS. The quickest route possible. (If there is such a thing.)

    I have heard that you have to be a package handler for so many years before you can become a driver. The only problem with that is I have a wife, two kids and a mortgage. With what they pay for the package handler position, I would have to work another job in addition.

    Appreciate any input you might have.

  17. toonertoo

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    I see your point, and hes kinda new to the site, but I know I would still want to check in if I left.................but Ive been here a while. Almost half my life.