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    I'm going to be taking the p/t sup test tomorrow, what can I expect? Are there any questions which take great amounts of thought and problem solving or is it mostly common sense, and also what other steps have to be taken after I pass the test to become a p/t sup?
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    Answer honestly and congruently. It is really that simple. None of the questions are complex in nature. They are just questions that ask what you would do in a certain situation.
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    its 100 questions you have around 80 mins to complete .Mine was taken in the hr department on a computer they had there. I passed for part time and as a full time supervisor as well .. There are questions on the test that you would need to answer regarding basicly everyday situations of the job . these same questions will be reworded as well ( basicly same questions just rewrote a different way ) from what I know they want honesty and probaly most of all consistency in your answers . The math was basic charts ad percentages and word problems.

    question example :
    One of your loaders is having a difficult time and is having trouble day in and day out with loading his truks do you :

    a.) discipline him in the open on the boxline
    b.) try to come up with a new plan to accomodate said loader to effectively start to load his trucks
    c.) go to your full time manager and tell him
    d.) dont do anything these problems most likely work themselves out

    answer ...well for me ...b
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    youll take the test, take a couple days to get the results. then youll prolly interview with a couople managers and the center manager theyll give you the thumbs uo or down and then the ft sups pick where youd best fit
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    Why Would Anyone Want To Become A Part Time Sup???
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    What can you expect????

    to lose any and all will to live or breathe another day.
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    The Test in my center consist of taking a pulse. If the Applicant has a pulse then they are qualified for the job. There are no brain wave activity tests are anything of the sort. There has been instances were a pulse has not been found and upper mgmt has made exceptions.

    Good luck on your test.
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    Well I took the test, the math and tables and chart sections were incredibly easy and the subjective part was a breeze as well. It looks like I'll be in the pool, thanks for the help
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    ...because it impresses the girls at the night club, it looks good on the resume and it inflates one's ego beyond all known porportions.
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    well it would look good an a resume i guess. and i would also agree it inflates the ego b/c our center hired a new pt sup and after a week was telling me and another splitter what to do! And his advice was horrible. but still i was offered to accept a pt sup job and i refused
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