P/T Supervisor too Feeder driver?

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    Is it possible for a part time supevisor too become a feeder driver? If so how long does it usually take? There is a position in the Bethlehem, PA location for a p/t supervisor.

    Also do they usually change the hours on supervisors? I was thinking if I could not become a driver with UPS I might go back too school. That's why I am concerned if they would be changing my shift often.

    The ad say's p/t sup's usually work 5 1/2 hours a day and pays from $1300-1600 a month with benefits. Do those hours sound correct or is that just what they say too get you in the door?

    If anyone works or worked at the Bethlehem/Allentown PA location, could you give me some insight on how things are there.

    Thanks in advance for anything you can add.

    One more thing, if you can't do the supervisor too feeder job how long do you think it would take too get a unnloader too package driver job at the Allentown/Bethlehem location?
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    Well to answer your first question, yes it is possible, however you are basically quitting and getting rehired in the eyes of UPS when u go from management to any hourly position, and for the length of time, is whenever ur center has to hire an outside hire (which can also be used on a management personnel who wishes to go driving). And as for the hour change i cannot answer very well as per all the supervisors i know remain on one shift when they find one they like. As for the pay, you are a salaried employee and are paid for 5.5 hrs whether u work 3 or 5.5....however if u work more than 5.5 you get OT (atleast thats how it works in buffalo). Thats all the info i can give if someone sees an error in my info feel free to correct, altho im just going based on what my bosses say about those kinds of things, Im an hrly employee myself.
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    go back to school, please! it's "to", not "too".
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    Why do people on website correct people? Does it make you feel better? Maybe thats why supervisors are jerks too people like you!
  5. allentownups

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    Do part time supervisors get promoted from within too full time? Do part time supervisors have too pay for benefits and do they get vacations?
  6. Pollocknbrown

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    PT supes can be promoted to FT supes, however all my current FT supes were coming from something else (one was a driver went FT sup, other one was an outside hire). I do believe u have to pay a lil bit for benefits, and you do get some personal/ vacation time, how much im not sure, like i said, i'm an hourly employee, and will never go into management so things like their benefits package and vacation time do not concern me that much.
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    And as for correcting people with their grammar, i dont see the point it either,this is just a forum, not your resume so as long as the word sounds like i should type however u want as 10ng a5 it5 n0t 1ike thi5 (as long as its not like this* :)).
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    Are you an off-the-street hire to being a PT supe, or do you already work for the company? If you really want to be miserable, be a PT supe that never worked in the building before... your employees will not respect you at all.

    It's pretty rare for anyone to go to feeders without going to package first. Those are seniority-based positions that you're supposed to bid for. If for some reason you do make it and people figure out you went from being a PT supe to a feeder driver, expect a load of crap for the rest of your life for not "putting in your time."
  9. allentownups

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    I've put my time in with the best of them. I have a degree, management experience and 6 years of driving linehaul(that's your feeder position). Respect is earned and it goes both ways. Any real man goes by the person not by "putting in your time". Those are the people who I dont associate it with anyway. I still plan on driving truck p/t if this job goes through anyway. I've been working in the logistics field for almost 20 years. I can handle anything, trust me. I was curious as too what kind of health bennies p/t sup's get though. My interview is not for a while so I figured someone on here would have information.
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    I just don't understand how people get degrees and can't even choose between the correct usage of "too" and "to".
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    All due respect, UPS is different than anything you've experienced thus far. Jumping into a PT sup position from the street is going to be tough. I'd stay in school, good luck.
  12. you have a degree, management experience, and 6 years logistics experience...and you want to be a part time sup for 1300 - 1600 a month?
  13. brownrodster

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    You misunderstand. Many people slave away in package for 20 years or more before the opportunity for feeder comes up. If the stars aligned properly and you were lucky enough to get into feeder from pt sup that would surely piss off a lot of your feeder coworkers.

    To get a job in feeder first they hire from package car. If no full timers want feeder then they bid from part time hourly. If no one hourly in the building/hub wants feeder then they can hire from outside the building. This is the only way a pt sup could get that position is applying for an outside hire position. Basically it's a fire / rehire type of deal. I' know of no buildings in my region that have ever hired feeders off the street in recent memory. I've heard of some huge hubs around the country (from this forum) that have hired feeders off the street.

    If you want to be a feeder driver then being a pt sup first is not the optimal route.

    Seriously the wait for feeder is often 20+ years for full time package car. I don't know what you are thinking trying to go from pt sup to feeder. It's theoretically possible to do but the odds of it happening or slim. Go buy a lottery ticket.
  14. Pollocknbrown

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    the wait feeders here is only like 3-5 yrs.
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    Part-time sup to feeder is like winning the lottery. You have to understand that UPS is a Union company with a contract. Our contract only permits roughly 16% of the full-time drivers to be hired outside of the bargaining unit employee pool. A part-time sup falls into this catagory. In my 19 years with UPS, I have only seen 1 part-time sup go into full-time driving. He had 7 years of being a part-time sup.

    As far as your quote of respect is earned. Yes, in the real world, but not at UPS. You would be managing a bunch of 18 year old kids who do not have the work ethic of years past. Calling it a management job is a far stretch. It is real hard to manage, while you are loading packages, breaking jams, etc. Again, UPS is a Union Company. This means everything goes by seniority or as you stated "putting in your time". Seniority is king. Seniority brings you respect. Hey, I don't agree with the concept, but that is the way it is at big brown.

    In addition, let me add the following. As a part-time sup, you get benefits alright. They do not equal the benefits of the part-time bargaining unit employee's, and you get to pay for them, while the bargaining unit employee gets theirs for free. That makes a tone of sense. They do not even take care of their own, meaning management.

    I hope my remarks have not been taken the wrong way, I just thought I would help by giving you the truth. The bottom line is you are pretty much guaranteed a driving job at UPS through the Union represented job, if you do the time (I'm talking years), have a good driving record, and bust your rear end while doing the job. Attempting to go this route through a part-time sup job will more than likely be a very tough learned lesson years down the road.:happy2:
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    17-18 years here
    same state total different company
  17. Pollocknbrown

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    Different district too i believe unless im wrong.
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    I don't understand why you feel the need to call someone out on this in a public forum,Two (opps sorry math)embarrass the guy or make you feel intelligent.Relax it's just a forum.
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    Jump across the river and get rehired hourly. Local 177 covers Jersey and they have no respect for seniority or members who have paid their dues in package for years. You can be hired right off the street in feeders and bid jobs in front of members who have put in close to 30 years. In 177, if you move to any other position, you lose all your years and start over in the new classification. We have zero opportunities in this Local because of classification seniority. Come on over and be one more who has screwed us senior guys. My Union won't stop you.