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    Hey guys. I’m twenty three and I’m entering my second peak season at UPS as a P/T supervisor. I am going to submit my letter of interest for F/T Specalist and Supervisor after peak but wanted some experienced advice. Which of the two has more career growth? I’m two years away from getting a degree from Rutgers University and will be seeking my MBA in Management after. Also, why is UPS letting outsiders invade the company? I thought that we promoted from within? Thanks!

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    Well, as one of the outsiders that you refer to, I can tell you that UPS has continued to remain strong due to the efforts of those who rose through the ranks and those who brought their talents here from other companies.

    As far as advice, I have some for you--take your MBA and go as far away from this company as you can. You would be underemployed if you chose to stay here with the credentials that you have and would be much better served by working in an environment where your efforts and education would be both appreciated and put to use. Use your social networking skills and the career placement office at Rutgers to see what is available for you outside of UPS. Good luck to you and congrats on the MBA.
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    Welcome to the BrownCafe!

    I think Upstate offers some good advice to look everywhere. On the flip side of that since you're already at UPS you should check out what opportunities are available. UPS is a worldwide company with many directions to go...

    Good luck and we can only hope that this job market gets better.:peaceful: