Package contract and supplementals

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    So before the vote for package you could not go a day without getting a email, text, flyer about voting yes or the status or update of the’s been weeks since we have been waiting for the supplementals recites and freight has already voted and is looking to revote, why have we not seen any updates on the package contract and supplementals?
  2. The master is going to change. The supplements still have to be negotiated.
  3. Upstruckz

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    I can understand that but I find it interesting that after shoving it into our face for weeks on end, all of a sudden it’s radio silence for any info after the main is forced through.
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    There is no deadline of any kind, as far as I know. The extensions are indefinite.

    We will work under the current contract until the new one is settled. Could be months, even years.
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    I firmly believe by Aug everything will be ratified so we will get two raises.
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