YES or NO to this contract? Let's poll it.

YES or NO to this contract?

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YES or NO to this contract? Let's poll it.

My vote is yes. You aren't going to fix everything in a single contract. That's why it's called a compromise between parties that can live with the give and take. Several issues have been resolved. And these issues along with the nice raises could be lost as well. If it's voted down it would be like starting over. Remember what it felt like when you thought that we would strike. It sounds like some fun? Scabs taking our work, sitting outside in the weather for hours picketing? Risking it all for so little in comparison to everything that could be lost.
Enough to satisfy everyone's need. But not everyone's greed.
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Another one? Probably should have it split up between the national and supplements as well. Lots of people getting agitated about not being able to see supplements yet.

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How about we have a poll instead on how many polls we’re going to have on this forum!