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  1. dormart01

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    I am a former FedEx Express courier who is now interested in driving for Brown. I heard from a UPS package handler that 20% of drivers are selected from outside the company, given they have previous delivery experience. Is this true; and if so, how long on average must a package handler with delivery experience work, before being considered for a delivery position?

    Secondly, considering I am in Southern California, can anyone suggest or reccommend any locations in which I may be able to advance from being a handler to a delivery driver in the shortest amount of time? Any help or experience would be greatly appreciated!
  2. filthpig

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    Under Central States, UPS has to take 3 out of 4 full time positions from the union. The other spot is normally reserved for hiring a part time supe into driving. Since I've been there (20 years) we've hired about 10 people from outside. In some areas, the wait to go FT can be as little as a year, but right now we're laying off people, so who knows.
  3. dilligaf

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    In Western States I believe the ratio is 5 inside 1 outside to go straight to driving.
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    At this point, having driving experience will not be a factor. Package handler to driver is based on seniority. If you don't mind my asking, why did you leave Federal Distress?
  5. Baba gounj

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    New England is 6 to 1.
    As for answers to your questions basically it will be a crap shoot. Each area is different and currently crazy. One center could be laying off while next door another is shorthanded.
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    The western contract states 10 to 1 for non union people to steal union fulltime driving jobs. So good luck getting a fulltime job at ups without doing the time.
  7. trplnkl

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    In all these ratios the 1 is usually filled by a non-union inside person such as a PT sup, OMS or clerk or a rehire of a peak season temp. So the truly OUTSIDE hire is closer to 30 or 40-1.
  8. dormart01

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    In a nutshell, I left because we have no union representation. At Express if you receive three performance reminders or warning letters or any combination of the two within the span of a year, you are terminated. My first letter was warranted as I neither called or showed up for work, however the proceeding two were for unsubstantial matters. I was terminated on a DOT hours of service violation (no 10 hour break between shifts).

    I Just felt management made a decision that was in neither mine or Fed Ex's best judgement, considering that I was asked to take a shuttle to the ramp, thereby causing the violation. Furthermore, I was a part time courier who worked on the PM side and was therefore never obligated to use this DOT regulation.

    What it boils down to is, UPS is the industry standard and Express is a joke whose employees don't stand a chance of fighting for their jobs without union representation. It is a quandry to see Express couriers do the same work as UPS Package delivery drivers (if not more, considering we are required to load and sometimes unload our own vehicles), and yet only make 2/3 of that of a UPSer, while taking almost 10 times as long to reach that top out pay. I'm not taking anything away from UPSers mind you, I believe you're worth it.

    So, yeah that's pretty much why this broke college student wants to make his way into UPS. What can Brown do for me? better yet, can Brown get me green???
  9. brownmonster

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    Answer an add for summer driving positions at UPS. The summer vacations start May 1 so they should start hiring about June 1. What, we need coverage drivers?
  10. brownrodster

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    Actually that would be a huge deal at UPS and it would be your responsibility in that case to notify management that you didn't have a 10 hour break between shifts.

    Best thing to do is shop around for a UPS center or hub where the inside driver wait isn't too long. Where are you?
  11. dormart01

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    I am in San Bernardino. The nearest hub is Ontario, I believe.
  12. dormart01

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    Anyone know where the best bet is in SoCal???
  13. helenofcalifornia

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    Someone will chime in with the best Socal hub or center with the least waiting time, and when you do find out, you might consider part time if the wait is not too long. Most of us have started part time and waited out the seniority list to go driving. Not saying you won't get hired off the street, just doesn't happen much. Good luck.
  14. dormart01

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    Yeah, I can appreciate that. Hopefully, someone will "chime" in soon with the center having the least amount of waiting time.
  15. rocket man

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    YOU PICKED A BAD TIME TO LEAVE And your question is kind bogas . you should know the answer your telling me us you didnt no the score with ups i dont belive you. how long were you a driver? if under 3 years this conversation is done. at this time economy ect fed x is ok .iI admitt i dont have the years that some in my hub have and i dont have the wright to but in to some conversations but this one i do.You ask me you made a mistake on leaveing. both fedx and ups are gonna boom. you will see.
  16. dormart01

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    what?! you confuse me, bud. go back to school and take an english class.:laughing:
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    Haha yeah what in the world is HE trying to say??
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    (if not more, considering we are required to load and sometimes unload our own vehicles),

    Don't even try to paint this one aspect as a negative factor. I would be elated if I could load my own car each day. For 13 years I loaded cars for others and I always tried
    to give them the best load possible. Most of the kids loading now have no intention of making a career of UPS ( wonder why?) and they could care less what kind of a day they leave for you. Misloads,damages,rewraps,labels facing the wrong way,spilt stops, and my personal favorite... a 6 foot tube or roll loaded on the back of the top shelf with the label facing the wall and then lock it in tight with a 6 foot line of multiple heavy boxes. Here's an idea: Put the dam tube on the floor so I can read it and reach it.
  19. dormart01

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    well i'm glad you could vent. it seems like you've garnered at least that, seeing as you've put in some time. my argument is that your counterparts over at express deserve at least a piece of the pie.

    in reference to your unhappiness with your loaders; isn't UPS at fault? you get what you pay for, and considering that your loaders make peanuts... well in short, i'd be a disgruntled employee as well. UPS needs to realize that these loaders are the foundation for the company, realizing that the ultimate goal for a loader is to drive.

    furthermore, in the long-term the company is left with a mediocre group of individuals (not true in all cases) who advance to drivers, seeing as how these are the only ones desperate enough to stick around for the measly pay, and who ultimately have nowhere else to go based on their education. if UPS would pay their handlers a competitive salary at the inception, and be more stringent on their candidate selection, they would undoubtedly be left with better, smarter drivers worthy of making a salary which tops that of most professionals. just my humble opinion!:peaceful: