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    Been working as a package handler for 3 years and finally got the call to take the driving test. Been practicing driving manual again for about 2-3 weeks and was wondering how different is it from driving a small sports car to a package car.
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    The gears seem much farther apart in the package car than a sports car. I had been driving a car with a manual transmission for five years yet the first time I drove a package car I grinded the gears shifting into second. I was so used to the close gears in my car. Shifting into second in the PC was like shifting into fifth in my car. Just practice moving the shifter around when the PC is off to get used to the distance it travels.

    The shift pattern is different also:

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    If you can drive a stick you will be fine it's the least of your worries.
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    or the pattern is

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    You'll get used to it. Give it time.

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    No kidding... I thought the actual driving part was going to be the hardest and after the 1st day I saw it was the least of my worries.

    Bojak, focus on learning your area and how the load is (supposed to be) set up. Between that and the DIAD you won't have time to think about shifting. You will go on auto-pilot soon ehough...
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    Thanks for all the tips. One more question, do I have to learn how to double clutch?
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    I hope that is a relevant youtube video.:wink2:
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    Don't start trying to pop wheelies just yet...

    Like the others said, if you can drive a stick-shift car, you're 80% there. There are several types of manual transmission stick-shift package cars in the UPS fleet (see gear patterns above), and yes the spacing is definitely further apart between gears than on a small sports car.

    What may be a little trickier than plain shifting is key use of the emergency/parking brake. During the driver test, you will likely be asked to demonstrate starting the package car on an incline with the emergency brake employed.

    Just like the small sports car, starting on an incline or hill in a package car is a little trickier than on flat ground.

    It takes longer to explain this than it takes to do it; the e-brake is on, you shift into first gear with the clutch in, and let the clutch out as you drop the e-brake. You need the proper gas/clutch action so you don't stall. If you can do it in the sports car, you can do it in the package car.

    Like some others also said, these things are the least of your problems.
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    I have been driving air for several years and started cover driving a few weeks ago. I have gone from a small truck to the LARGEST in our fleet and that was scary. Just watch the rear! It swings out more than you will expect. Other than that - it will come with time.

    Try driving a 1200 all day then get off work and jump into a Smart Car. THAT is really strange!
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    The trucks keep getting longer. I had dreams about dragging phone poles back to the building when i got thrown in a 1000. Soon I could park it anywhere with an inch on each side. I cant do that in my personal vehicle. that is sad.
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    What an amateur attempt at irrelevant Youtube posting. Best leave that to us professionals
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    No, don't get creative. Just stick with using the clutch as you would normally use it.

    What NH said is true. But before you get to delivering you have to get through training and the road test. Always remember where your vehicle is. This may sound stupid but I will tell you a little story and it will make much more sense.

    When I was doing my road test, there was about 8-10 other new drivers doing theirs as well. We were all in what basically amounts to a pkg car size vehicle with windows and seats for everyone. One of the drivers lost track of where he was (his vehicle, in relation to the road) or forgot what size of vehicle he was in. The instructor told him to make a right turn at an upcoming stop sign. He made the right turn as he was instructed to do and in the process ran right over the stop sign. Needless to say he did not qualify. If you are not used to driving a larger vehicle ask to drive one of the package trucks in the yard. Most sups won't have a problem letting you do this. JUST BE CAREFUL. LOL
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    You will do fine.
    Driving is the least of this job/career.
    Every pkg car I have driven, tends to rock left and right and feels loose on the road at highway speeds.
    Stay calm and focused when you are behind the wheel.
    The biggest danger in driving is thinking about what needs to be delivered, instead of driving safe.
    Welcome aboard.
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    grind em til you find em
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    you and upstatenyupser should hop into that queermobile you call a car and drive off a cliff

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    Hey Poster, when I started driving I didnt even know how to drive a clutch and I passed. You just gotta want it. Are you guys still driving armstrong steering manauls. That sucks for you guys. We have all power auto. My dang truck broke down today though so I may have to go back to the stoneage trucks.:angry:
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    Seriously driving stick is the least of your worries. You better start learning your 5 seeing habits and your 10 point commentary also start learning to back first if you have to back, also how to magically be in 2 places at once becuase dispatch cant find people to do on calls