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    Hello all! I've been swarming around this site for months and finally took the 2 minutes it takes to set up an account.

    So my "newb" situation is this. I put in for a package handler position at one hub (Nashville, TN) for preload had a tour in late April and changed my mind about preload and wanted twilight instead. So I was told nothing was open and to check back.

    Check back I did and I put in for a twilight position that came open a couple months later.

    A week or so after I put in for it HR called me and asked if I was interested in the preload shift at a different hub (Franklin, TN). The Franklin hub is literally 2 miles from my apartment so that works out perfectly (Nashville hub 25 miles).

    So I was told to login, fill out the application and be at the hub at 10:50 for my 1st interview. So I thought "geez they move fast". But whatever I'm ready to work.

    On it says package handler (backup) but when HR rep called to ask if I was interested he said positions are coming open.

    The interview went great and the HR rep didn't even bother to really describe the position because I've already had a tour and I told her I have friends at another hub so I know what the position is all about. It lasted around 10 minutes and she said she sent a request for a background check.

    Well the interview happened two weeks from tomorrow. Last week I was able to fill out my tax forms, direct deposit. etc.

    I've tried to get in contact with HR but the only number I have is for the Nashville hub. They told me they would leave messages for the HR rep in Franklin. No one from Franklin has called me.

    Backup means what? What is the process now? Does it look positive for me to be hired? Should I continue to pester another hub that I won't even be working at?

    Cliffs: Waiting for HR to call me after first interview for package handler (backup). I was able to fill out tax forms. Its been two weeks since 1st interview.
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    Hey Chuck1012,

    Welcome to the BrownCafe!!
  3. Chuck1012

    Chuck1012 New Member

    Update: HR told me they are just waiting on a position to open up. Could be a week or two.
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    Good luck Chuck!
  5. Chuck1012

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    It has been a week or two and I'm still waiting. I have spoken with HR several times. They told me they haven't forgotten about me and its just about a position coming open.
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    Welcome, Chuck.

    You may be "backup" incase they want to hire someone immediately.

    UPS may be waiting for the "free period" so we call it here in NE, where you are a temporary hire and can dismiss new employees after or near Christmas. Those hires up here occur after October 1st and are holiday hires only. Technically those employees do not make seniority and are not permanent.
  7. Chuck1012

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    I feared that. I told HR I was available immediately. I'd hate to work a couple months just to be let go. But if thats what I have to do to prove my worth I suppose I will.
  8. Chuck1012

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    I've heard nothing. But, the hub changed its package handler position from backup to current openings. So I called Thursday when I saw that. But the guy in HR I talk to did not call me back. So Monday I'll try again.

    After two months since my 1st interview and still showing interest is a good thing right? I was told everything was good and they were just waiting for a position to come open.

    Also there are other positions open at different hubs. But it gives me this when I try to apply... "Our system has retained the information you previously supplied. Your information, along with the information supplied by other job applicants, will be considered when UPS jobs become available. Thank you for continuing to consider UPS as an employer."

    Why is that?
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would suggest when you call HR on Monday that you indicate that you saw that there were positions open at different hubs and that you would be willing to work at any of them.
  10. Chuck1012

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    That's what I'm going to do. Let's hope all goes well.
  11. Chuck1012

    Chuck1012 New Member

    I talked with HR yesterday before noon. Things sounded positive for me getting started in a different hub. HR was supposed to get back to me yesterday but they didn't. Which came as a surprise because they have been good at calling me back when they say they will. But it's only been one day so I assume I should hear something today.