Package Handler interview question.


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Hey guys, I applied for a UPS package handler "permanent" position here in Orange County, CA and I was just wondering if the interview is one on one or a group interview. Just wondering 'cause I hate group interviews, and I just wanted to know what to expect.

Also, what questions do they ask you so I can cook up some answers in advance. :P

Thanks in advance!


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Mine involved talking to an HR guy who just got out of University about Halo2, light courseloads, the upcoming hockey season, earn&learn and how he's still kicking himself for not working at UPS earlier to pay for his school.

But yet again this was in a hot economy where the employee interviews the employer.


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Apparently what you don't know about the company is unless you are a known felon, you will be hired. UPS needs you more that you need them. Just the fact that you showed up on this board shows smarts. Just don't blow it by telling them how many times you have injured your back or something of that nature. I don't remember my interview many, many years ago, but I know it was way competitive then and meant something when you got the job. Good luck, I am sure you will make it. Get a phone number to call back (and not the 1-800 one) and check to see how the interview went or if there is any progress on getting hired. Get the name of the person interviewing you and try to stand out (in a good way) so that you stand heads taller than the other interview-ees.

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No such thing as a "permanent" position. "Regular" perhaps. Nothing is permantent in the business world.