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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Sweeper26, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Sweeper26

    Sweeper26 New Member

    i was wondering how much do part time package handlers make?
  2. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    Depends on the area of the country or world your in.
    ours start at 8.50-9.50 (unskilled-skilled) then you get periodic pay raises.
  3. johnbirshire

    johnbirshire New Member

    In my area, $8.50 for package handler, $11.67 for driver helper. *starting wage*
  4. Sweeper26

    Sweeper26 New Member

    do you know how much u get every check?
  5. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    Depends how many hours you work... YOU do the math.
    Govt. takes between 19-22% but again this varies depending where you live
    Union takes a bit too 2.5x hourly rate per month, but again this can Vary on region.
  6. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    my area is $12.50. it depends where you are. it would be a buck or so less of the 'natural' (market-driven) minimum wage.

    i don't know how it goes down south, but up north, the feds give VERY GENEROUS tax breaks to college students. ~$20k income tax exemption
  7. UPSn00b

    UPSn00b boxchucker

    You basically bring home gas money for the first 2 years or so....after 2 years, you can finally afford that newspaper you were saving up for. It gets better after that!!
  8. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    Package handling is best suited for:

    a) students, where the tuition reimbursement program adds an extra $5/hr to the wage
    b) those with interest to move up the ladder at the p/t level
    c) elderlies, self-employed, and stay-at-home parents who need something to do and/or want the health benefits.

    it's not intended to be a 'living-wage'. that's what the driver positions are for.