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    Okay, I'm new here, I read all the threads that came up in searching, so please don't flame me.

    I'm seriously thinking of putting in a application for package handler tomorrow. I'm 18 right now, and I'll be starting school again next year. I have been working past couple months as a masoner, and I worked 12 hour days for waayyy too little. Even package handler pay sounds good after that. And the hours sound good. Now I know its real hard work, but what would most people say the best shift would be? And what are the benefits that part timers get?
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    Hey, don't worry about those "flame" people. And don't be thrown off by those "flame" people, either. 90% of the package handlers are really decent people. Some of the drivers are...a little nutty but that's to be expected with traffic, etc they fight all day everyday, I'm afraid.

    Depends on what hours you like, along with personal situation: family, other job, etc. I worked a Twilight Sort (5-10) in Chicago and it fit well with my class schedule. I quit for school two years ago and am coming back on a Day Sort. I don't know how those hours would work with your schedule, let alone where you're applying to work as Day Sorts only run in certain buildings. The benefits are everything you've heard and more: no outta pocket premiums, for example. Vacations are pretty much standard, I think. One week after a year but this, too, might depend on your location. In Chicago, I know we had two weeks (one was an Optional Week, where you could work and get paid for 25 hours, I think). If you chose to work that week, both checks were straight time if I recall correctly.

    I've generally had positive experiences with operations management. HR is a different story. Full of bumbling morons has been my experience. Then again, I've read horror stories on here of operations sups. Be friendly, respectful and willing to work is the best advice I think you can get here. Good luck!! -Rocky
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    In regard to what the hours and shifts are, it depends on where you are getting a job. The typical UPS building, or Center as we call it, starts its day with the Preload Shift. This is a part time job that runs from about 3:30 to 8:30 AM where the Package Cars are loaded to make deliveries. Then all buildings will have a Twilight Sort, this runs from about 6 to 10 PM and is where the Package Cars are unloaded for sorting to the trailers so they can go out to other cities and states. If the building is a Hub, which is a larger building located in bigger cities, there is usually a Midnight Sort, running from about 11PM to 3AM. This is unloading trailers,sorting, and loading trailers going out. There are also other specialty jobs, like Car Wash, Small Sort, Air Driver, and Airport jobs where the hours are different. If you are fixing to start day classes for college, I would recommend either the Preload or Twilight shifts, that should fit your class schedule better. And you might can get Tuition money too after a while.