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    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, but thought I might be able to get some clarity on a small issue I'm having. I recently sold some computer parts to someone and decided I would UPS as my courier of choice due to the buyer being just over in New York and figured it would get there to him fast and safe. I created a label online correctly filling out weight, destination, etc..I gave the package to my Dad to drop off at a retail location today while I was at school since he works right by a retail location, figuring he would get a receipt from the store. It turns out when he stopped in, the store was extremely busy and he decided since I already had a pre-paid shipping label that he could just leave it at the counter for an employee to come by and scan into the system, this was around 5 o clock eastern time, 2 hours prior til that particular store was closing. He did say that he saw an employee see the package he put down, but I was a bit frustrated since leaving a package unattended like that is risky. As of right now, all I'm seeing on my package status page is that the label I created has been made and is "ready for UPS" Whenever I used to drop off packages I used to see arrival scans that just gave me some closure that it was in their system and would get to its destination safely. I didn't get home from school until after the store was closed so I was unable to confirm with them that the package was indeed in their possession. I'm just paranoid that my package my be lost in space right now or something, I know it's unlikely, this is just unfamiliar territory for me. If someone could provide some input about whether I should be worried or not or if I should try and contact UPS or that particular retail store first thing tomorrow. Thanks you so much for reading!
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    Sorry for the inconvenience. Somebody here will get right on it.
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    If you don't see any scans by the time you wake up tomorrow then be worried , but right now it is more then likely sitting in the back of a truck waiting to get unloaded and sorted

    ​so check your tracking tomorrow after you wake up
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    In most places a person leaving a package like that would get the bomb squad.
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    That UPS store is independently operated UPS doesn't own it. Until a UPS driver picks it ups and Scans the package calling the 1-800 number isn't going to help. If you package isn't showing in the system by tomorrow morning I would call the UPS store that your Dad drop it off to. But most likely it got picked up by a UPS driver some driver don't scan every package they just take a count and enter that into the DIAD. So your package might not sho up until it gets back to the building and sorted which should of happen already and at anytime now.
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    Thank you for the help everyone, I'm anxiously refreshing the My UPS page in my browser. I'll update this thread once I know more.
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    I guess he lied to us about updating with info
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    I'm anxiously waiting for your response.
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    I'm not.:sick:
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    This will be a start.
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    UPS has a facebook page, staffed with people that can answer your question.
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    Hi All! I'm sorry I'm late replying to this thread, I've been under the weather the last few days and wasn't able to get to my computer yesterday. Thankfully, the package did make it to its intended destination. I really can't thank you guys enough for just clearing things up and giving me some reassurance that it would most likely end up okay. Sorry again for being late and thank you so much to everyone who chimed in to help!!
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    Don't worry about being late with the update, as most times we never hear from the person again. Good to hear things worked out for this case.