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    Hello fellow UPSERS. I am currently at the Ren,NV HUB. I have been a Sorter for 5 1/2 years and was given the opportunity to try out for both package and feeders. While I didnt mind the job itself in package I had an on road supervisor with the personality of Chef Gordon Ramsay himself and possibly worse. So he made the job seem like hell. While I had a nicer run in feeders training I fear the dangers and the possibility of divorce with losing my family. My little Reno town is extremely expensive so I have to choose one or the other to financially survive. If both sides of driver could give me any input it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Change your name bo
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    Troll post
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    When did UPS start giving tryouts?
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    someone told me porters have it easy.
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    Horse:censored2: story Bro
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    Closing thread
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    you ever have to to chain up going over Donner Pass?
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  9. Hub..rat..reno

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    Only in winter
  10. MrBates

    MrBates Active Member

    So far every buddy of mine that has transferred to feeders from package has told me the same thing. "I'm never coming back to package".
  11. WannaBeFeeder

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    Become a feeder and never look back
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    If only there were a way to search this forum.
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    And say bye bye to that waist line cause it’s gonna grow
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    Hi I am a seasonal worker who tried out and was asked to become a District Manager or the CEO. Which one should I take? Asking for a friend as well. Seasonal work was HARD! Thanks and only serious responses please.