Paid Speeding Ticket - Can’t drive??

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    I was hired as a peak driver in 2018, and was brought back as a casual on 6/1/19. On 9/9 I was sent to integrad because my center wanted to bring me on with seniority as a driver. I completed integrad on 9/13, and summer peak ended 9/14. I was not kept on after the 9/14 summer peak cut off, but was told I’d be brought back on 10/1 when peak officially starts. As of 10/1 my background hadn’t cleared yet... I was surprised I had to go through another background check since I wa a just working there two weeks ago. Needless to say, HR is saying I can’t come back for 12 months because the background check turned up a speeding ticket I got in July in my personal vehicle, and instead of fighting it I mailed in the payment for the citation. I’ve been to the county clerk, met with a hearing officer at the DMV but it seems I can’t get this charge removed from my license, and HR is saying that’s the only way I can come back. My center manager seemed surprised by this. Is this normal? I understand for a brand new hire this could be the procedure, but even for a driver than was just working there two weeks ago?? Thanks.
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    You are considered an new hire.
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    Hard lesson learned here. Always pay lawyer $300 to fight ticket. Almost all small moving violation tickets can be fought without even showing up for barely more than the actual ticket cost.
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    That’s a lesson I’m sure you’ll never forget. In my state, paying a ticket ahead of the court date is an admission of guilt and you’re automatically hit with license points and insurance increases. A lawyer could have gotten it reduced or dropped completely.
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    This right here. I have been pulled over and ticketed for speeding three times in my 18 years of driving (not with UPS). My lawyer got me out of two of them. One of them I chose to contest myself and I got lucky, the state trooper didn’t show up so it was tossed out.

    It may cost you more to hire a lawyer but 9/10 they can get you off, within reason. If you were speeding enough to be considered driving recklessly then you’re probably screwed.