Pakistan Nukes

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jan 3, 2008.

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    People in this country why the rest of the world hates us.

    What right do we have to do something like that? Ever step back and think WE'RE crazy and not them?

    Just another viewpoint.

    I love it!
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    Stuff like this should be kept secret. I don't understand why the military would let this get out. And anyone that reports it isn't helping either. If this is true then I don't blame our govt one bit. My problem is the fact that they would even hint at the possibility of doing these things. They are only setting themselves up for failure by alerting the people that will most likely be guarding the nukes. And the media should be ashamed of themselves for reporting these kind of things. Don't they realize that nukes in the hands of terrorists could affect them too?!?! This reminds me the first week or two following 911 when a news network was airing a live feed from Afghanistan and zoomed in on a Special Ops team that was being led through a village by their advisor. I always wonder what happened to that team. Did the news announce their presence to the Taliban? Some things should just not be talked about.
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    Then thats communism right? Things that should not be talked about? I think its good the media talks about how screwed up our own government is.

    They shouldn't be doing crap like that to begin with! Are WE so arrogant to think that the Islamic "Extremists" (because all Islamics are extremists right?, well the ones that we can't control), would want to just nuke us? Thats a WORLD problem if they do.

    If they nuke us, the world goes to hell too because the E.U. and Asia are so dependent on our consumer market. Perhaps we should've consulted the E.U. and Asia, especially INDIA on what to do? Well if India gets nuked, who gives a rats ass right?
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    YOU DA MAN! With all due respect for your gender. That was classic!

    Thomas Jefferson once said:
    If old Thomas was running for President today, I think it's safe to say there are those here that ole' Tom wouldn't get their vote.
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