Parents are still shooting bleach into their children’s asses


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Few things I’ll get pissed about.

Shooting bleach into a non-verbal autistic child’s ass until he is pooping out his intestinal lining would cause me to become violent if I saw the person.

now that you have that mean looking avatar i believe you would do it.

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Jesus. I'd never heard of this before. All of us but @rickyb were probably lucky enough to have parents that weren't that :censored2:ing dumb.
It’s seriously :censored2:ed up. It’s all spawned from some christian cult of grifters that began marketing industrial bleach as a cure all. Their founder thought he was like a 10,000 year old space god or something.

Their bleach cure all ended up being adopted by the hippies into homeopathic treatments and spread through there. Ended up being marketed by some dumb woman who is selling it as a cure for autism. She wrote a book that got taken off of amazon and encourages parents to give their autistic children bleach enemas. I believe she now lives in Mexico which is the same place the original Christian space god ended up after his :censored2: blew up in his face.