Parking lot rage

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    Parking lot rage - Bainbridge Island Review

    A 32-year-old UPS driver claimed he was assaulted by a Bainbridge Island couple while parked in the loading zone outside the Safeway grocery store unloading boxes.

    The driver said a man, 67, of Bainbridge, came up to him and asked him to move the truck so he could get out of a nearby parking spot. The truck driver said he would move as soon as he was done unloading the boxes.

    The man asked him to move right away and the driver said no, as he was legally parked in the loading zone.

    The man asked him to back up a bit so he could leave and the driver said he was not allowed, by company rules, to back the truck up.
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    There's more than one reason the driver needs to get a really good attorney.
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    Gotta be cameras there...
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    If anyone ever got tough I’d beat their brains in with the Diad.