Part time hours

PT Crazy

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Last week 25 hours regular and 27 hours top of pay scale. How are the rest of the part timers doing? Did not double shift.


Gravy route
Good for you, honestly.

Top scale....
Means different things to different part timers. Some make $36 an hour if hired pre-1982.

We had a part timer work 24 hours in a row last year.


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Last week 25 hours regular and 27 hours overtime


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Did 52 hours inside alone with a 6 day punch. Did 70+ Hours Probably 80 with driver helper time included. No overtime here until after 8/40 hours though.


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25 + 23 OT one double shift. Close to top rate.
Big cracks appearing in the package dike with serious leaks.
Bulk stops incoming taking days to get all packages. I thought I worked in a tire factory this morning with all the left over tires that didn't go out.