Part Time Local/Reload Sort Rights

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  1. Rebel_With_A_Cause

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    I am in the central region and i am a seniority employee. I am wanting to know my rights as a seniority worker. I know wages, and health care, but what else is there? What can and cant management do?
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    Your contract is available to view online with a quick google search, I don't think you're going to find many people who will read it for you on the internet. Talk to your steward for the best information.
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    As a seniority employee you get to be first in line for donuts.
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    Seniority employees have rights to the toilet with the least amount of urine on the seat (in seniority order). Toilet assignments are bid daily (bid sheet is likely in the nearest manager's office).
  6. Rebel_With_A_Cause

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    How much notice does UPS have to give me to change me from the schedule to not working?
    also, how much notice does UPS have to give me to report to work?
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    If you whine at work as much as you've whined here today, it's no wonder you have to call in.
  8. Rebel_With_A_Cause

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    Im not whining, I just want to know, and cannot find the information anywhere
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    If you are on call you have an hour to report to work. Most likely they will try to give you as much notice as possible. Can't imagine any seniority worker being on call this time of year.
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    Starting four threads asking the same question sounds like whining to me.

    Go ask your steward.
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    There is a posted start schedule for your shift. It will have start times on it for the week. They should have this posted Friday morning before your shift if you are a Monday thru Friday employee who works the preload. If they change your start time after this they are to give you 24 hours notice. An example of this is if you were scheduled at 3:00 am on Wednesday and they wanted to start you at 4:00 am on Wednesday they should post the new start time at your punch in area(time clock) on Tuesday before your shift. I don't understand your first question, please explain.
  13. PT Car Washer

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    I think he wants to know if he is scheduled to work and then lay him off for the next day how much notice should he receive. After we make our 30 days there are no lay offs other then Holiday lay offs.
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    You are allowed to cut in line in front of the temps if they are giving out any free food.
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    Except the PT sups already grabbed the good stuff.
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    I get laid off during the summer sometimes when package car drivers dont have work and they bump back. During this time, I am on the schedule as on call.
  17. Rebel_With_A_Cause

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    So if i am on the schedule as "oncall" then is it the responsibility of the company to notify me if i am needed?