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  1. Vorador13

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    I have been a part time pre-loader and now NEED to become a full time pre-loader. I recently learned there is a hub that has full time pre-load. I have been loading trucks over 20 years. I just found out from a shop steward that in order to move to the hub that offers the full time pre-load is with an educational transfer. I don't know for absolute sure if the only way to move from one building to another and transferring my seniority is because of a need to move to the other building because a school I'm interested in attending is closer by, but I hope that's not the one and only way I can pursue the hope of finally having a full time employment. I can't help but have a bad feeling it is.

    I've searched a lot of the other posted topics and the answers to questions such as the utter need to compose a cover letter to management explaining the uncompromising need to move take classes have been mentioned however they are not totally clear.

    If I actually have to be established in an educational situation that is nearby the hub I want to move to that offers the full time pre-load, then I think I'm sunk. Do I really have to enroll myself in a class in a place that's close to the hub just to work at the hub?
    The only one of the qualifications I read mentioned also was a minimum of one course however, without mention of the details such as full time course or part time course or the length of time you must spend at a nearby school. I guess obviously getting a good grade or grades in the class or classes so it looks a though I'm actually interested in an education and not more hours seems to also be the consensus. I could care less about school and would rather not waste money at the bursars office just for a visit, transcripts, school supplies, and more wasted time in a classroom all to get from a small building with only part time pre-load to a huge building with full time pre-load.
    Please tell me this isn't the only way to move from one building to another.
    Please tell me I don't have to lie and say I've decided to go to school and then actually go to a school as a smoke screen as the only way to go from part time to full time as well as transfer to another hub and lose my center seniority which really doesn't matter to me anyway. I dread the truth at this point but can't give up hoping there's an honest way to move there for full time hours.
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    As far as I know UPS only allows educational transfers. It'd also be difficult to lie and tell them you're going to attend school, pretty sure they want documentation.

    You've been part time for 20 years and now that you found out there is a FT job available you NEED it? Why?
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    is the hub with the fulltime preload in your local? if so, is there a fulltime preload job up for bid in this building? are fulltime jobs up for bid posted only in the buildings there available or can anyone in the local bid? these are questions that you need to ask you business agent. no disrespect to your steward and his knowledge but the BA might have a "bigger picture" answer for you.
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    I looked into moving several years ago.. I understand that you have to enroll in classes, show UPS a copy of your receipt for the payment of class(es?)
    There are also time restrictions if they want to get picky.. you have to end your last day at your current center on a Friday and start your next position on the following Monday. So you need to coordinate that with your new center HR. It does sound difficult and you will have to pay for a semester of class. Maybe it is worth it to you. I know of two people who did it for good reason.

    Moving over a weekend is quite a trick unless you are light on your feet or have a significant other who moves then you follow.

    I believe they do this because it is more cost effective to shed a more expensive employee and get someone at a lower rate.
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    Also, if you transfer, you go to the bottom of the seniority list for all things other than vacation weeks, benefits, and wages.
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  6. upschuck

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    Does your current center have 22.3's? It would be much quicker getting one of those with 20 yrs seniority.
  7. Turdferguson

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    Go to the building in question talk to the center manager and let him know you are exercising your company seniority to take the full time preload bid. He may try to weasel out of awarding it to you, don't let him punk you like that
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  8. Turdferguson

    Turdferguson Guest

    Sure if you want crumbs. He has EARNED the whole loaf. No concessions
  9. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    This is UPS, you never get the whole loaf, lucky to get a slice.
  10. AllOnTheHorses

    AllOnTheHorses Active Member

    how is 22.3 a crumby job?
    Isn't it full time.. with all the same benefits, vacation accumulation etc?
    Do you have to be a FT driver first?
    Our 22.3 comes in early for preload and EAM.. then runs junk (left behinds etc) etc until noon I think, then off. Sounds nice actually.
  11. Turdferguson

    Turdferguson Guest

    Take the crumbs while the fat cats live high on the hog.
  12. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    Your local and/or regional supplement may allow local and/or regional transfers.

    The educational transfer form is available on upsers. It needs to be signed off by your sort, center manager, HR and DM as well as those occupying the same positions in the district you're attempting to transfer to (if applicable). You also need to sign off that your senority will be entailed and you agree to pursue your education opportunity for at least 18 months (IIRC) or else your employment will be terminated.

    UPS needs to approve education transfers; In my 16 years I've seen dozens of requests but only one approved, mainly because it's people wanting to go from the Midwest to Florida, Arizona, California, etc. and thinking singing up for one bogus class at community college will do the trick.

    Good luck to you and hopefully your supplements allow you to transfer because the odds of a 20-year employee who's not currently enrolled in college trying to pull off an educational transfer to a FT sort just aren't good.
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  13. Mr. Marshall

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    Full timers cannot go to school (well at least on tuition reimbursement) so I would think transferring to a building to take a full time job on a educational transfer would be a no go. Also, as far as I know your seniority starts over again after a transfer so you would have no ability to bid into the job. You couldn't just switch buildings and take somebody elses job. My guess is you are referring to a combo job not a "full time preload" job. These are pretty hard to get as the last few in my building have gone to 20 plus year employees. It's actually easier to get a combo job by becoming a driver and then bidding on a combo route when it pops up as a bid for full-timers.
  14. Vorador13

    Vorador13 New Member

    Can't thank you all enough for the information. There's no point in going any further with this. I was just curious if there was any other way. Question answered. Thanks again.