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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BreakfastPirate, May 24, 2006.

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    I've just recently applied at the UPS hub in Hodgkins, IL as a part-time package handler. I was able to set up an interview and I was "accepted" so I'm going back for orientation next week. My first question is about what exactly it means to be accepted. Does that mean they're going to hire me, or does it mean I can move on to more interviews?

    Next question is about hours. How flexible are the part time working hours? Is it possible to work two shifts on one day in a week and not work another day in the week, or is the 5 days strictly five days? The pamphlet I got at my interview was somewhat contradicting.

    I suppose other than those two things I'd like to know what I should expect working as a package handler. Any advice would be very helpful.
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    It sounds like you have the job, going to orientation says that. As far as shifts go, you will work the same shift for five straight nights a week. When I started at UPS, it was in a large Hub that ran three sorts and then a Preload shift, so I was able to pull some double shifts. I don't know if they still allow that though. Good luck
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    You need to talk with someone from that hub, everything is different all over the country.Good luck and watch your back. Literally!!!
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    if you've been there a little while and there is a need to work "doubles" and they like you, they'll probably allow it. However, using it as a tradeoff is a big no-no. You are hired to be assigned to said-shift, and you are expected to be there on-time, everytime, five days a week...

    Hodgekins, IL is the CACH hub, the largest (by far) in the nation. Have fun in there! :p
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    also, when you join ups you were probably told that you will join a union. Beacuse of that everything is based on seniority. This means you will rarely get overtime unless it's peak season--Month of December.

    good luck and let us know how you are doing and what you think of working for brown.