Part-time shifter?

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    Can I get some help on this one? Is shifting trailors considered skilled work for a part-timer? I am getting all kinds of answers. If it is not, I can not believe it. How in the heck can the guy driving a shifter be making the same as the guy unloading the truck? All I can find in the contract is the part about starting back in 2002 for preload and sorters. The part about making $1.00 more per hour. I can find nowhere about shifters even being a classafication. Are shifters part of the carwash? What the heck are they a part of?
  2. They are part of a group that hauls ass thru the yard with no respect for pkg cars returning from the day. They get paid by the hour, just like pkg drivers, yet they are arrogant in assuming others can read their minds about their intentions. Its only a matter of time before one of these speed racers runs over or into some one or something.

    There are many classifications listed Section 42 part4
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    Disregard, I found my answer.
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    Haulling ass? All the shifters I ever saw seemed to be on permanent "cig breaks". LOL
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    There should be no part time shifters. That is feeder work. If you as a part-timer, shift, and a driver wanted the OT it would be awarded to the grievant. If only a few hrs a day shifting is needed it would be combined with other less than 8 work to form a full time job to be bid on by those with bid rights in the feeder dept. I'm curious, you said disregard...what did you find? Also, shifters can scare me at times to....BUT they have right of way on the yard. Seen too many pkg and out of center tractor drivers cut behind them while backing or blocking their move so their Turn-around time wasn't over allowance or, the pkg driver rushing to maximize his bonus (where allowed), or just plain in a hurry to get the heck out of there. Patience. I have no problem telling someone what they did is stupid. Further unsafe driving needs to be reported.
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    yes iwas a parttime shifter for many yrs its 25ct above the reg pay of the unloaders...
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    in most places such as hubs, the shifters are full time feeder drivers with lots of experience you should stay clear of them ,many blind spots.before you shoot your mouth off rookie,you should know what the f#@%$$ your talking about ,your more concerned about making 9.5 and we are trying to do a job also.these guys all came from package too and probaly have more miles going in reverse than you did going forward this year. you slow down and let them have their space rookie!!!! feeder driver
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    THERE'S BIG ASS SIGN in red AT the entrance of EVERY BUILDING I"VE BEEN TO..........

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    Some hubs still have part-time shifters but most of them are combo workers. There was an army of them at the hub I worked in but it seemed that only a few would be moving and the rest would be idle. They'd be parked next to each other talking, smoking, or eating. I was a shifter at RPS and man I tell ya we did more work (comparitively) than those shifters over at UPS did. And with less people too. "IF" we were idle it wasn't for long. It was a fun job. I wish I had stuck with it.
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    Can you point to any contract language on this? I work with a pt who wants to do this at peak in lieu of an outside hire (he has a Class A licence) and management is amenable but the BA seems to be the obstacle. But he's expecting feeder wages...
  11. Here in the western region the contract allows for p/t shifters. However, I agree that they should make another f/t feeder job out of it.

  12. In my local, the p/t shifters make ~18.00. It's in the addendum or rider.
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    I guess you told him
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    The full time shifter do have the right of way and yes they do think they are hot sh%^ . While I respect their seniority and the amount of miles they put on their trucks, they are humans and do work for the same company.
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    I am under the Southern Region and found it under article 59 (c) on page 203. It states that shifters will be paid $0.25 per hour over and above the "All Other"pay rate based on their seniority...

    Actually, of the 3 hubs we have in our Metro area, I believe our hub is the only one with part-time shifters. The other buildings have these positions as full-time combo jobs.
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    My opinion is shifter drivers are the worst. They have no respect for other drivers in the yard and never signal which direction they intend to go in. The look on their face is essentially the same where I'm from. And that is : "I'm a miserable old man(or woman) who has worked this yard a hell of a lot longer than you and I have the right of way no matter who's life is at stake. You package drivers are trying to make it through the yard to get home to your family. I just started my shift and will be here for the next 10 hours so I must cut you off to show you my superior seniority" (Sarcasim intended)
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    Ahhhhhh !! The good old days of smoking in the shifter are now just a memory here in Ohio. No smoking in any vehicle anywhere within the fence line as of this past Tuesday. Our guys never goof off that much anyways here. They are models of efficiency. Just ask any one of them ! Very creative in their efficiency too. They use hourglass egg timers to time their moves. If they can't remember if they turned the timer, they just turn it over again and start over. Now thats efficiency !
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    Don't follow you. None of the articles in the National Master reach a section 42, and Article 42 is about brown shorts.
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    I'd appreciate it if you could be more specific. My coworker (and I) are in the Western Region as well.
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    I agree with you 804, in my building it's the same thing, they think their $h%t don't stink..