part time to full time bid sheet


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i don't even have a clue of how to tell the story with out seaming like i was lying.. but here's the story..

on friday a part timmer that works the reload was giving a copy of the bid sheet, because they pulled 2 people with less time with the company and they went full time. so he shows me a copy of the bid sheet that they gave to him it had 4 people's name on 3 people trying to go full time and 1 full time sup. now comes the tricky part, frist off the bid sheet they gave him you can see the steward's name. secondly it came from the hub in jacksonville and not the union hall. thirdly(if even a word) i know 5 people who signes every sheet when they come out and there names aren't on it, not even a preloader on the whole list.

well i need the night off tonight cause my 3 year old has the flu and we took her to the doctor. so i call this guy to see if he's heard anything else. he talked to one of the full time stewards and the stewards respons was you should quit this isn't the company you would want to work for anyway.(after 2 and 1/2 years of time that he's put in wouldn't you tell him that his frist year.)

if i lived closer to the union hall i would just pop in and see there copy, but since i live close to 100 away from the hall i can't make it there till the 17th when we have are monthly meeting. to be fair to my union i placed a call saturday morning to my BA. He called me back that afternoon but i was out fishing so i don't know the union stance on this and he's out of town for some kind of contract or another.

ok now my questions. what will i need when i show up at the hall this weekend?? (i have a copy of the bid sheet) or what info will i need to know when i go in there?

please don't turn this into a apwa VS. teamsters


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what has management said about this? Who are the people who went full time? Do they think anything funny went on with the bid sheet? Where are the other five people that sign up for everything? They should be with you on this. If this is legitimate and you were denied an opportunity for a full time job, file the grievance and you WILL get back pay or whatever. Is the bid sheet date stamped? And who the heck is that shop steward who says go work for another company??? Dude, find a steward who is in your corner, do not trust or go to that one. Sometimes the best advocates for the contract is a driver who cares, not a steward who is burned out. Have you talked to any drivers? Some friendly word of advice, no offense intended, but have someone write the grievance for you. (Or use spell check) Good luck, sounds like a good case. Report back.


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yea i know my spelling is bad, if it's really important i let my wife do the typing.

I'm not trying to go full time at all, just looking into it for a friend. but the initials don't match any of are three stewards.(as far as finding someone else, it's kinda of hard since we haven't had a steward in 4 years on the reload)

management is the one who gave him a copy of the sheet. the other people are right there with me saying it's crap.
as far as if the bid sheet is stamped, there is no date stamped(as done like at the bank) only dates that are on it are written in pen.

as far as another steward there's not one worth using, I'm trying to become one, but i feel like I'm spinning my wheels.


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you can't see the original initial's and date it's cut off in the copy, but theres another set of initials underneath that doesn't match anyone's. and there no initials next to the removal date.

it was posted on 6/19/2006 and was taken down on 7/3/2006.

i have a copy i can send you all in a pm but i'm pretty sure i can't post it out right.


while it sounds fishy if the steward is endorsing it as legitimate then it probably is. My experience is when you have multiple stewards in a building , one of them is usually given the responsiblility of ensuring the jobs are filled and bid as required. there are also some timeliness issues involved with challenging a bid that took place over six months ago.


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Send a letter to your local requesting a copy of it. Also if you want to be a steward let the local know that too.