Part time transferring to another state.

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    This question has prolly been asked and answered a lot of times here. I've been with UPS here in UT for almost 3 years now, we are moving to Portland, OR as soon as I figured out what to do with this transfer. I love my job as a sorter and I still want to keep my job. My questions are:

    1. Is it true that I can only transfer for school? Is there any other option aside from that?
    2. I was told that all I have to do is register then drop it as soon as I get approved, but I don't want to do that. If ever I will, I will just keep going to school.. but can I also use the tuition reimbursement that they offer?
    3. Will I still keep my vacations, pay, position, my insurance coverage like what I have now? or does it depend on the facility I'm transferring to.

    I would really appreciate your time in answering my questions. Thanks!:wink2:
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    I looked into this a few years ago when I was planning to move to Alaska. Here is what I found:

    One thing to note; there must be an open position at the facility you wish to transfer to.
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    1) You can only transfer for school. No other options, unless you're a laid off FT feeder driver following work.

    2) Yes. But you would do well to call HR at the hub you plan to to transfer to - not all UPS regions offer tuition reimbursement and some offer much less (or more) than others.

    3) Basically, yes. You may be covered by a different supplemental/rider agreement if you change locals. Your seniority will be end-tailed, however, and you'll be at the bottom of the seniority list in your new building. They don't have to gurantee you a job as a sorter, either. You'll probably start over again unloading.
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    Portland is ALWAYS hiring. You'll get transferred faster than you you'll have time to deal with moving. Yes you need an educational transfer. No worries. There are CC's aplenty in Oregon although I'd suggest living in Vancouver and attending Clark College. They're easier on the out of state transfer fees. Good luck! That'll get no premium pay for sorting since it's a no lift sort. There's no sort aisle but there's sort pods on the end of each unload door. The building is mostly automated and 2 story. Have fun!
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    - Some locations allow employees to transfer within their local. Check and see if this applies to you.

    - Educational transfers aren't as simple as registering & dropping for classes repeatedly while awaiting a transfer. While a limited number of people have had success in this manner, UPS generally calls most people's bluff -- you typically have to sustain interest in pursing an education in order to be accommodated.
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    Thanks so much!I tried asking some part time sups, they don't know much they said. I tried asking the full timers they are always in a hurry so I cannot really have answers to my questions.
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    You should have gone to some senior hourlies or a shop steward. All the transferring stuff is dealt with in the union book, so asking PT sups (or lazy FT sups, for that matter) isn't going to get you any answers, as they are not union.