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Discussion in 'UPS Retirement Topics' started by crystal_ball, Apr 16, 2007.

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    I had about 7 1/2 years as part timer. How do I figure out my pension benefits for this period? The last 4 of those years as a "cover driver" I worked over 40 hours a week. Does this mean anything?

    I plan to retire at age 57 or 58. The Central States calculator says about $2000 a month benefit at 57 and $2250 at 58.

    Why do you have to work at an approved job after you start collection from Central States? I could understand if you were taking a full time teamster job. But this seems like discrimination.

    I guess I will have to sell stuff on ebay, move overseas, or work for tips because I wont be able to afford to retire in this country on the above projected amounts.
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    You have to request ptime pension info in writing to ups in atlanta, should receive an answer within 30 days.
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    Friend of mine is going through a divorce. As per Judges orders, he had to get info due re: his pension. The information came 4 months after he requested it and it was broken down into 2 parts. (Ft and PT pensions)
    Even though it took a while it had all the information he needed including what was accrued during the marriage.
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    I have 16.5 years as a part timer at ups, I am in my 4th year as a full timer. Do I have to work another 21 years to receive medical benefits for retirement?
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    pt job retire to reach 55 with 25 yrs become full benefit if u less then 25 yrs u get half benefit contract with u union rep for more infomation
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    That made my head hurt.
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    Im not quite sure I'm understanding the 22.3 participants at my hub are all asking this question and it's been nothing but confusing..

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    Yeah. I'm in that boat. From what I've learned and haven't learned yet........each local or part of the country varies widely. From what I understand, the p.t. pension is reduced 6% per year that you take it before 65 years old. Crock of :censored2: I have 20 years in p.t. Considering f.t. 22.3 right now. If I retire before 55(which I can do), I'd be better off staying part-time and getting the p.t. service pension. If I switch to f.t. I have to stay until 55 to make it worth while pension wise.
    Neither the union or UPS can give anyone the same answer twice. I don't think anyone knows other than the UPS Retirement Department in Atlanta.

    You can request info. Good luck with that too.
    I hate wishing my life away but man do I look forward to walking out those doors for the last time. Watched a guy do it a month back and you could just see the gleam in his eyes! Must be such a great feeling.