Part Time UPSers raise for next 5 years

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    Here's what it actually means.
    .70 an hour / 2.45 a day / 12.25 a week / 49.00 a month / 588.00 a year
    Approximate tax withholdings @ 35%
    Net or actual take home pay for one year 206.00

    Current heath care value Approx 12000.00 a year
  2. Monkey Butt

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    While I agree with your position, I can't envision a P/T UPSer paying 35% taxes ... more like 10 -14% (which includes SS and Medicare).

    Your point remains on point regardless.
  3. Bagels

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    Nice spin, but...

    Because of paid time off (which is calculated at 4-hours per day), peak season and slight adjustments for volume irregularities, a PTer on the low end (e.g. somebody receiving only their guarantee) will receive credit for 1,000 hours annually.

    Year 1:
    0.70 * 1000 = $700
    Year 2
    1.40 * 1000 = $1400
    Year 3:
    2.10 * 1000 = $2100
    Year 4:
    2.90 * 1000 = $2900
    Year 5:
    3.90 * 1000 = $3900
    TOTAL = $11,000

    I'm aware the raises are split for the fourth & fifth year, but the OT earned during peak season will largely negate the effect. And persons averaging more than 3.5 hours will earn significantly more. Not many entry-level jobs will yield $11,000 in cumulative raises within 5 years.

    And 35% withholdings? There's a large chunk of Preloaders I work with who pay NO federal income tax. Heck, many even get $$$ back from the government.
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    The 35% withholding does seem way too high but otherwise your figures look to be accurate.
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    Your figures and calculations make a lot more sense.

    However, the impact on a P/T having to pay for healthcare premiums and copays is considerable.

    SOP​ - It's screw the part - timers.
  6. PiedmontSteward

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    Don't you mean deductibles (going from $0 to a phased in deductible of $200 for single/$400 for family by ~2017) and higher co-pays? There are no premiums under TeamCare.
  7. PT Stewie

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    Part-Time Jobs with Health Benefits | Monster

    Check out the jobs in the in the article above . See what you are qualified to do, then compare it to paid medical benefits for you and your family,a pension,paid vacation, and regular yearly raises. I will be making $25.54 per hour about $25K a year and the end of this contractfor working 19 hours a week part time with an accrued pension benefit of $1,100.00 + per month , all my old man maintainence prescriptions 100% paid for and 6 weeks paid vacation.Try getting that at Wallmart.It is a part time job for pete's sake
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    How many other jobs out there offer part timers benifits that are equal to the ones they will receive through teamcare while working at ups with paid vacations paid holidays pension and not paying for their medical dental vision and perscriptions?? Anybody know? Let me know when you find one.
  9. rudy5150

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    How many part time jobs destroy your body? How many part time jobs are out there they expect 8 hours worth of work in 4 hours. Part timers get abused by UPS management daily. Part timers are under paid slaves....they deserve ever penny and benefit they receive!
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    So ur saying that only the part-timers deserve every penny and every benefit they receive?
  11. Monkey Butt

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    How many P/T jobs out there pay $10 and for 90% ​of the P/T, all their benefit compensation goes to pay for F/T benefits.
    Anybody know? Let me know when you find one.
  12. Monkey Butt

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    Yeah, yeah ... that's what I meant!
  13. Anonymous 10

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    Are there any jobs with good benifits you don't have to pay for every week? What about part time jobs. Find some and post them here.
  14. Anonymous 10

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    The wages are under par yet they still come in in droves for the job. Why is this? I worked part time. I paid my dues and fought for my ft job. It's a part time job. I worked other jobs anywhere from 30 hours to 60 on top of my par time job. I never expected to get it all from ups. This is why I waitd for the full time opertunity.

    I loaded trucks before the scanners when you had to load twice the packages. I also preloaded sorted unloaded amongst other things and I'm ok. Lose the entitlement.
  15. Someone answer Rudy's question, how many part time jobs work you AS HARD as ups does in 3.5 hours and after the shift is over your body feels like its worked 8+ hours?
  16. PiedmontSteward

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    There are some legitimate gripes about the nature of PT work at UPS -- I know most of them because I'm a little more than a year out from hitting a decade and a FT job is still out of reach. And the movement of PT'ers from company plans to TeamCare (without maintaining the same level of coverage) is a concession. But our benefits - even under TeamCare - are still amongst the best in the private/public sector. My girlfriend recently got a ridiculously ludicrous gig using her masters-equivalent degree in the medical lab tech field and makes bank; but her medical/dental/vision benefits are nowhere near as good as mine.
  17. Anonymous 10

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    None that give you the benifits vacation pension paid holidays ect ect.
  18. RealPerson

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    They Leave in Droves Now also, once they see it isn't what it USE to be and what they have Heard.

    We started when the wage was double min wage.
    You got benefits in 90 days
    Paid holidays and a Turkey .. LOL

    It might be Part time, but the amount of work I consider I do is DOUBLE what a FT job does.
    There are several jobs hiring in at $10 an hour and don't lift heave objects over and over in extreme conditions with decent benefits.

    Office Depot -- Starts at 9-10 depending on you knowledge in the copy and Print department.. You can work PT or FT, and the insurance is $200 a month for single person with almost the exact same coverage of this new C-6 plan...

    My small UPS operation I am going out on a limb and say it has less than 300 building workers, but yet WEEKLY we hove tours of 5-12 people or more.... They don't last....
  19. RealPerson

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    Exactly, some companies pay more, with less benefits, and so on.
    We DO have some of the Best, but I do know ours montly on the NEW plan is what several of my friends have give or take in some areas. Like he has no deductible but out of pocket expen of $2,000 on Major medical. He pays $200 a month with Office Depot.

    Honestly, sucks to say this, but give me the $22 an hour that UPS gives the IBT and I bet I can stay covered the same and have an Awesome retirement. Remember that is on top of my current pay and I already give max to my 401K --- PT 18 years...
  20. DriveInDriveOut

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    I've heard people try and equate how hard they worked with how many packages they load a lot on here.
    The number of packages by itself seems kind of arbitrary to me.

    Most loaders don't use scanners here, I'm guessing because the building is highly automated.
    Some load with an extendo, some load off rollers. Some boxes are small, some are 69 pounds.
    I doubt you loaded twice the packages as people in my building are loading now, maybe you did I don't know, neither do you.

    I'm not complaining about my pay, I throw my benefits into the equation and I actually feel pretty good about it. I think most who complain about the pay have never had to pay for healthcare. Most who complain about the new healthcare changes have probably never had to pay for healthcare either.
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