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How many PTers want to be FT? Why be FT if you get the same healthcare package, a pension and pretty good pay? 25$ an hour is a lot of money to stand in a trailer and put boxes on a belt for four hours. Amazon and FedEx drivers make 25$ an hour.
I don't think starting pay should be 25 but my reasoning is different, I don't want a new hire making close to what I make, so people who been there will need a big raise, it is the same way full time drivers think about drivers hired off the street, they need to put their time in, so I think starting pay should be 20-22


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When I worked part time at UPS, I made $10 an hour, I worked on the twilight shift when I was still in high school, once I graduated I worked a FULL TIME job during the day. Then went to ups at night. I wanted to quit so bad cause all of my friends were making more money than me at McDonald’s, I stuck it out and went driving 3 years later when I turned 21. I do understand that part timers need a raise however, do they really deserve $25 an hour? It is a part time job. Stop saying it is brutally hard. I grew up on a farm and was raised that you have to go to work everyday. I am worried that If we go on strike that there will be massive lay offs after the fact. No I’m not in management but UPS has been a good place for me to work. I make more money then a lot of people where I’m from. Some days it’s heavy and I miss out on things. But In the end, this has been a great career for me… I am sorry if some of you guys disagree with me and I hope everyone hangs in there during these tough times. I hope we do not have massive lay offs After this. Stay strong everyone

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They’re replacing them with kiosks, self pay counters, robo drive thru voice boxes and so on. I was at my grocery store yesterday and they didn’t have a single register open. On a Sunday. That’s what happens when you ask for too much money.
No, they would be replacing those jobs with automation anyways regardless if labor was willing to work for minimum wage.

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