Part timer funky pay situation.

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    My seniority date is 1/26/2010. I came in on the front end of the last contract. That meant that each year I got a $0.50 raise on my seniority date instead of the normal raises my higher seniority co-workers got.

    Now here comes the funky part... Since the implementation of the new contract got pushed back, like everyone else, I did not get a $0.70 increase on August 1st. But, I did end up getting my $1.00 raise which was the last and highest raise in my progression, and I got it on 1/26/14.

    Now that the new contract is being implemented, what should I expect? Will I get another $0.70 raise on top of the $1.00 raise I got in January? Will they take my $1 raise away and take it down to $0.70? And how should they calculate my retro check? Will it be for $0.70/hr up until I got the raise and then nothing, or how should I expect this to shake out?

    Any help would be appreciated. I just want to be ready for what I see on the new paycheck because they've messed up my pay before and I want to be ready to address it and have it fixed right away if that becomes necessary. Thanks a lot.
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    PT'ers in progression before August 1st receive the general wage increases but are also "entitled to no less than" what they would receive under their progression. My guess is that you'll be credited with the $0.70 starting August 1st 2013 (for backpay purposes; $0.70 for all straight time worked and $1.05 for all OT hours worked) until 1/26/14 when your progression raise surpasses the GWI.

    If the contract had been in effect on 8/1/13, you would have received the GWI ($0.70) and then a $0.30 raise for your progression on 1/26/14.
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    Are you sure it was a $1/hr raise? The last raise for the 4th year for a PT'er in progression is $0.87.
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    Yes, I actually went from $12.00/hr to $12.99/hr. So I guess it was actually $0.99.

    But thank you very much for the clear reply. I was sort of thinking that would probably be the case, and I'm thankful to have the $1 increase instead of just the $0.70, especially since I had to wait through so many of those $0.50 increases. It felt like it took forever to build up to a solid hourly wage. I'll keep an eye on my paycheck here the next few weeks and then report back as to exactly what I end up getting.

    Thanks again.
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    Older school funky:


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    Man o man, it is sure complicated these days. Back in the dinosaur days when I started (1976) Part timers started at $2.00/hour less than full timers. I think it was $7.41/hr back then, but don't hold me to that. You made probation after 30 days and you got a .25 cent/hour raise every 30 days for 4 months, ending up at $1.00 less than fulltime.
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    There was a $0.12 COLA raise in there somewhere that was added to the "topped out" progression for PT/FT under the 2008-13 contract that I had forgotten about, which explains the discrepancy.
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    8/1/13 you receive the .70 gwi and you are bumped to 13.00 to match the new wage progression of 3 years
    1/26/14 you are bumped to 13.50 to match the new 4 year progression.

    Your back pay will be for anything less then above.
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    You seem to be right. I just checked my paycheck today and it went from $12.00 to $13.50.

    So... What rate will my backpay be figured at? Will it be figured at $12.70 from August 1st, or actually $13.00 for all hours worked between August 1st and my seniority date on January 26th, 2014?

    Thanks a ton.