Part-timer sales leads?

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  1. last week they went around asking those that have other jobs (most of us do, even those in college) if they used UPS, and if they didn't to ask them if they'd mind if a UPS rep came to pitch our "service". I told them the other place I work at uses FedEx (which they do) and they have no intentions of switching as they used UPS before. They were pretty adamant about trying to convince them. We were offered 500-1000 dollars for doing so (I forget how the scale goes) if the company we recommended committed to service.

    My question is have any other part-timers had this pitched to them? I didn't say this to them but we can't really handle the volume we have now (correctly) and we (preloaders) realize this. Most were even more reluctant because while our hours are slowly returning (they were cut drastically), they're still rushing us off the clock and whining about misloads and production. This would only exacerbate things. Our drivers pull sales leads (we see the boards with the magnets on them), isn't that enough? I guess most of us are skeptical because 1. we don't think we'd ever see that money and 2. we think the drivers would hate us for it lol.:cool:
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    I have not heard this before for part-timers. Most people just leave me alone in my cage unless they are hiding then they come and observe how "safe" I work and give me pointers on how to improve. I have told a lot of people about how UPS pays for school (at least my building does) and a few of them switched over (but they were Dr offices and other small business or people I knew) but not enough to make any driver mad for a few more packages.
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    I don't think any driver is going to be mad about you submitting a sales lead.

    But do you really want to help them when they're "whining about misloads and production."???
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    The drivers won't hate you for it, that's job security. There's only so much one person can do on a sort, the additional volume isn't going to kill anyone. They'll have to add more part timers to get the sort down on time. I do however, have a bit of a problem that they asked you to go to your other job and pester them about switcing service providers. I doubt UPS would allow your other employer to send representatives to the sort to pitch their services or products.

    Submit a sales lead if you want, but don't pester them. The money is real, I bought a 32inch tv for my xbox with mine.

    A driver at our building has in the past submitted sales leads on businesses he reads about in the paper... even if it isn't in our state. I don't think it's ever paid off for him tho (and the sales reps don't care for that). Others see return addresses on competitor shipments at the docks and submits on those. But pester them about switching when you're employed by both? Tacky and unprofessional imo.
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  5. thats the attitude of most of the people I know, that and we figure if they wanted to use UPS they would, we're not invisible, you can't really go a day without seeing one of the brown trucks :wink:
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    Sales leads increase outbound volume which creates no additional burden on Preloaders. The only added burden on your end is on the twilight sort and maybe to a lesser extent the driver who has to pick it up.
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    Submit away, the money is real. Although keep the tab at the bottom of the lead card, and follow up on it within a month, if nothing is posted in your center. You get a prepaid credit card, with the amount of money you earned. It only pays for 3 months or 500$ whichever comes first. But its a little extra. There are pros and cons, but theory is if it drives up our volume, it should increase the cars put in per day, + eventually leading to more FT jobs.
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    "Sales leads increase outbound volume which creates no additional burden on Preloaders."

    What is it you think happens to this outbound volume??? Don't you think that somewhere it gets to a preloader who has to load it???
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    It ends up in my cage!
    I get stuff from all over the country in my cage (would be nice to stick to my own state).:tongue_sm
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    The burden on the preloaders in my building is the 25+ packages left from reload in package cars and under the belts... We come in and find them on preload... A lot are over 70s...
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    Maybe they should develop a package car that moves around as a coffee and pastry truck. Park outside some heavy industry areas or some large office buildings and sell people on our business while you give them some coffee?
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    GREAT IDEAsendagain...heres your coffee and bagel the way I have a package for fact I have a few,wanna borrow my handcart?gotta go... my muffins are done...
    Since we will be the ultimate....brown cafe`...

    We`d have to offer free internet access with the cafe` as the homepage...give Cheryl her dues....good morning sir, what can brown do for you?...there you go parcel pickup is located at the rear of the truck..NEXT!