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    We pay union dues also include us in the talks or are the unions just taking from us
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    Each local has contract proposal meetings. This is your only opportunity to be involved in the negotiation process at the local level.
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    Really another thread.

    By the way your not in the Union yet hero. You haven't made your thirty Days... When you do make your 30 days start going to you monthly local union meetings if you want things to change.
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    The current part-time employee progression sucks. Starting pay sucks. New part-time hub employees are one of the most abused cogs in the UPS machine. None of this is in dispute. But you keep making threads on this issue and don't even have your seniority yet.. if you feel this passionately about it, begin attending union meetings. Start a part-time employee contract group with your brothers and sisters in your area. Get involved and hold both the union and the company accountable.. and at contract time, vote "NO" if we get a shoddy contract.
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    He Flip I have in the past spoken to hall face to face about the plight of the part timers. So do not come on here like nobody cares I have been concerned about partimers since I have been a steward and before now 8+ years as a steward . I get my stones busted about union dues, people crying because they get written up for only being late 44 days, people who won't work their 3 1/2 but will bitch about sups working,but still I continue on and support the union and the workers . But don't post that nobody cares even before you get your seniority.
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    Hell, I had a guy once who was on time only 36 days in an entire year! :surprised:
    He's still there. We had a nice chat, and he FINALLY changed his ways. He is a great employee, now.
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    gads I hate those guys. I sit in meetings with them and a steward and they look at me like I am the devil for disciplining them. Like I am the problem.
    Once had a guy who was near termination basically accusing me of trying to kill him, cause he felt he had to come in to work when he was ill because he
    was so close to termination. Yep, I was the guy putting him at risk. Had nothing to do with the 30 or 40 odd call outs he had had in the past 9 months.
    Nope, just me, I am the devil.

    Often, a fellow employee can have a much greater impact than I can as a boss on someones attitude. I trully appreciate their help when it is offered, even more so since I cannot request or expect it. Thank you.
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    He can't, he didn't make book. This guy is a real Assh***. All talk. I bet this is all fake.....
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    I used to have 4 alarm clocks just to wake up. Friggin worked. Used to work from 4 to 10. Couldn't wake up for anything
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    3 alarm clocks here. Drives my girlfriend absolutely crazy. The funny part is if she wouldnt wake up from them I probably wouldn't either!
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    The guy that was late 44+ times when we met with the manager I grabbed the guys arm lightly we where in the conferance room with the sort manager and I said " there is no excuse being late even a minute,do you agree ?" he said "yes" and I got him off the hook for the real reason he was there which I forget. I was late today because I was working on a large bid at my full time job that is due tommorow @ 10 to the VA in Brooklyn. I texted my sup and he texted back no problem.Courtesy and common sense win the day.