PAS - how do we fix it.

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    A follow up to a previous thread. If we all agree the PAS system has some major flaws what do we do to fix it.
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    Speaking for myself………………..

    I need to sit down with the PDS sup and make major repairs to my DOL. I figure 2 hours spent with him fixing the DOL will pay for itself within a week. His time figuring out “cuts” will be reduced and my miles will be reduced.

    When I find a wrong car or flip package I need the ability to just scan the package and transmit the data to UPS. This will reduce the time typing a novel to the center. In return, the center will be required to respond to my text message. My center also requires drivers to text in “not found” packages. I need the ability to simply hit a send button while in the package detail screen and send the data. The DIAD generated message would provide the center with all the information needed.

    Our center comes in 500-600 stops over forecast everyday. IE needs to fix this, or the division manager needs to accept it and allow the center team to deal with it.
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    I'd start with getting ride of all the people that programmed it and bring in a team that actually have some skill.

    I love how everything gets slower and slower with every upgrade. There's always problems with every upgrade. There's always some error, performance program, or something with the server end of things and no one ever really knows how to fix the problem.

    Once they get a stable software set, they can work on fixing other problems.
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    You need supes with the balls too set up a route based on customers and volume and not computer programs. You need supes that actually know where your route is. You need drivers to set up their DOL in stop for stop order instead of whining about it and not doing anything. Some good things about PAS and some bad.
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    Have people who actually give a damn ride with us to see how the "PAS Implementation Team" Looped the routes. Have them take the information and not loose it (as no one can find it in our center) and enter it into the PAS system.
    We were all promised that the affected drivers in the loop/area would be consulted regarding changes on each didn't happen...IMO they didn't want to pay us to do so since they were behind schedule/over budget. The time used to pay me to review my route (as promised when the system was implemented) will actually save money.
    Just my 2 cents.
  6. brownmonster

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    My loop brother and I took a copy of the entire DOL home and relooped it. He typed part of it out on Word and Emailed it to me and I finished the loop. Yes we did it off the clock but it got done. We are lucky to have a dispatch supe that will cooperate. On a good day I can run 95% on trace. I have a great loader which also helps. Do I do anymore stops or am I faster. No. Do I get less credit. Yes. If the system doesn't actually save you time or increase production then why take time away? It hasn't matched the hype, that's for sure.
  7. sendagain

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    You work around the stupidity and service your area using your head. Hopefully, you have a manager who is also using his.
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    Just listen to the drivers, were not out to screw UPS, we want our days to go as smoothly and effectively as UPS does.
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    Keep your preload employees happy, like paying them more than the minimun wage. Biggest thing about why this PAS system is malfunctioning is the constant turn over of part time employees, just when they got it down they are out the door to greener pastures. The start time itself should be compenstated on a higher level, differential shift pay would be a plus. You would not believe how much your seniority employees with at least 5 years in makes the system works the way corporate wants it to work. Never underestimate your senior employees (union) input, from the drivers to the preload there is a wealth of knowledge of what is wrong with the operation and how to fix it.
  10. 30andout

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    Hello Tie....Tie are you there? I feel just like I used to when we had TLAs, we talk but nobody listens.:crying:
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    The center team, drivers and IE must work together on PAS. Get the kids out of the office and google maps, have them ride a loop with all the drivers, prior to relooping. Then analyze deliveries and miles for duplicate miles, stops, etc. Prior to impelemenation, review with all of the above, and plan rides to correct problems. Do not allow IE to start another loop until the current loop is acceptable to the center team and loop drivers. The cost of redeployment is ridiculous. The IE group is responsible to do it right the first time. When it's screwed up due to deadlines, and they just slam and cram the loops - that's where the problems and attitudes come unglued. And then IE will call and ask to cut areas, to save money - so they can say PAS is working. PAS can work, it's no different of the old days of relooping a center, however, with PAS IE thinks they know it better than anyone who works in the center.
  12. LKLND3380

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    How about realistic packages per minute that allow preloaders to properly load their cars? Figure in the possibility that each car will get a bulk stop all at once and not allow the preloader to attened to the other cars UNLESS they stack out...

    I can't figure out how some cars have shelves with NOTHING IN A SECTION.... yet the other shelves are blown out....

  13. There are a couple reasons for this:

    1) The PDS made some changes to the route but didn't recalculate the shelves. A new version is coming out mid 2007 that will automatically recalculate shelves when changes are made.

    2) The PDS messed up and didn't assign a bulk stop to the floor. During the preload this is caught and an add/cut is done to move the bulk stop to the floor. The shelf balance doesn't recalculate once the preload is started so you will have an empty shelf where the bulk stop was. Bulk stops need to be carefully controlled by PDS's because the system doesn't tell the PDS if they reassign a bulk stop to a shelf when they're modifying a plan. PDS's need a checklist of items they run through upon completing a plan for a day. If you're seeing a bulk stop on a shelf then the PDS missed it regardless of what they tell you.

    3) Add/cuts made during the preload (designated by an A in the box ) will cause this because the shelf balance doesn't recalculate when add/cuts are made. The fix - PDS's must build better dispatch plans and minimize the add/cuts made during the preload.

    4) Any time you see an A in the box on the HIN label you can be assured that it is throwing your load out of balance. It's probably throwing two loads off - the one the package was cut from and the one the package was added to.

    I'm a believer in PAS - the system puts the packages where the PDS's tell it. The problem is that we have many overwhelmed PDS's that aren't skilled enough to be in their positions or they don't have time to plan properly.
  14. You know, many of the problems aren't due to PAS. I listened to drivers complain (and even done some complaining myself) about having to deliver a certain apartment complex or part of town way before PAS. Some of the complaining is due to people not wanting to change their routes even though it makes sense on a map. Some of it is hard-headed management not wanting to bend even when they should. Some of it is overwhelmed PDS's not being given the time to put out a good dispatch. Some of it is the cumbersome program that could help more than it does.

    I know one thing...not many problems are fixed by calling each other stupid (even when directed at IE). How about everyone trying a civil discussion that doesn't start with accusations? If that doesn't work, try another civil discussion that doesn't start with accusations, etc.
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    Want to fix PAS? Then start letting the people with real on-road experience in that center have some input instead of college interns in IE and a group of travelling supervisors who do not know the delivery areas.
  16. the problem is that the center management teams keep blowing off the loop work so ie ends up doing it all. the center management team accepts no responsibility and everyone has someone to blame...the evil ie group. the traveling supervisors would be thrilled if they could stay home with their families and not have to finalize in a few weeks what the center team should have been working on for months.
  17. Cementups

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    Our whole area was screwed up in PAS becuase we had a supe that just setup the runs how he thought they should be though he had never been out on half the runs. He did it based on a map. We have mulitple drivers delivering hte smae streets because of his ignorance. Now anytime we try to traade work through our PAS supe he gets mad and says it should have been originally setup that way if that's the way it should be.

    I need to get off my lazy but and reloop my run. I run 75%-90% everyday but I could probably get in the 95% range everyday if I realligned it a bit.
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    we have 2 drivers in our center that do nothing but deliver air til 1030 then go out and pu and deliver misloads all day,great pas system.
  19. 25yrvet

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    IE is too arrogant, they're not willing to bend. PAS could help my sph if implemented correctly & I wouldn't mind 1 bit.
  20. Feeder Hawgg

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    Being a former On-road supervisor, I know what you folks are complaining about. Before PAS, I spent six months relooping very route I was responsible for. I did this with the driver's input, after all they are the reason for my success. After I went into feeders, the knuckle head who screwed the routes up in the first place, came behind me an put them right back the way he had them. Overallowed went sky high and the service went in the crapper. The PAS team came in and listened to the drivers and sought my advice and back they went, the way I had them. The point being one person, who will remain nameless, can screw up a good thing for the drivers, customers and company. My drivers shot straight with me and I listened, and everyone was happy.