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    FYI for anyone new to pas. If you go to a bulk stop and the diad is scanning slow because they crammed to much info into it, I mean you hit scan and wait, and wait, then it scans and does the same thing again and again. The way around the slowness but still showing the use of PAS is to scan the first box from the pas screen, then pre record the stop. Bring up the pre-recorded stop and start scanning, it will now move as fast as before. Watch if your at a commit time because it may take the time you brought up the pre record or it may take the stop complete time, not sure.
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    Are you on Diad 3 or 4? We're using 4 and I haven't experienced the slowness you're speaking of.
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    We are on 4 but it only happened in the begining and only at large bulk stops. The diad is searching for that bar code and because PAS is an add on it didn't have enough memory to process it fast. This is especially true at our malls. Those guys, 2 drivers & 2 article 22 helpers, are scaning over a thousand packages a day PAS'ed to the same loop number. They del out of a 52 foot trailor. They do not use PAS, but must download it in am just for "reports" sake. Scaning was taking 20 to 30 seconds to capture the barcode and populate the screen for each scan eairly in their day. I did have some slowness at 70 piece deliveries that were 1st stop.
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    We had the extreme slowness when we first got D4, but they somehow fixed it.