PAS supervisor VERY ANGRY

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We have just gone on pas about two weeks ago. The other day a few of us were looking at the computer that shows if you are in the red (overdispatched) in the grey (ok) .

It showed about 10 of 50 drivers in the red then something happened and it changed to about 25 drivers being in the red.

The PAS sup started yelling at our morning OMS. "Don't ever let the computer be on that screen again!!"

Does this screen show the true amount of over dispatched drivers?
Does it include your pu as stops?
Does it assume you can get all your ground off with air?

Something awfully screwing going on here (Elmer Fudd)

Please explain:confused:1


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No the screen does NOT show the true amount of overdispatched drivers, the screen can be manipulated any way the manager or sup wants. Think of it as a chalk board, it can be erased and edited to meet the approval of the MAN.


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Good luck with Mr. EDD.
I didn't know the company was going forward with this fubar. I hope they got some bugs worked out since our ctr went on it.

You can expect heavier dispatches== more 9.5 grievencies
" " shuttleing misloads
" " more mgt delivering
" " delivering to places you've never been before
" "ticked off customers--late deliveries
" " hidden NDA in your load
" " lower morale
" " service levels, allot of missed pieces

Anyone else have MR EDD implemented in their ctr lately?


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Red means to much
blue means ok
yellow means to light
gray means area cuts or additions have been made

All these colors are in association with the companys numbers for dispatch


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There is an actual dispatch screen (what's on the car now) and projected screen. The projection is always higher and most of what's projected doesn't come in that day. Was probably on the projected screen.

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Sounds logical, but we all know this company is not logical. They spend a dollar to save a nickel and the computer knows how to do my route better than I do.

I do hope you are right though


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Red means to much
blue means ok
yellow means to light
gray means area cuts or additions have been made

All these colors are in association with the companys numbers for dispatch

Blue doesn't mean least not in our center. If you are "in the blue" it means you have too many NDA stops.

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the number of stops true may be much higher then shown on the screen if you have apartments, office buildings, shopping centers that have a common address but multiple stops.
PAS does not know say 3500 mains street is an apartment complex all it knows is that there are 10 packages and 1 stop because its one address but in reality it could be 10 stops because
each package may go to a different apartment. same with office buildings and shopping centers. they rely on management to make adjustments in these cases but you know how that
goes. and its not very good.


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Well in our center blue means you are in between your minimum and your maximum number of stops. Why would it be a certain color for the service level of our pkg`s???


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When starting out with PAS, if you have a building with multiple stops make sure you enter the room number. Also enter which floor they are on. At first with my route the computer was off on the stop count. It is getting better.

For some reason, cities with multiple zip codes are gonna give you headaches if the shipper doesn't get it right. Also, the computer doesn't always read the label right. It may say street when it should have been avenue.

Experienced pre-loaders can load trucks a lot better than someone who never used the charts. Best of Luck


It was probably set to show forecasted volume. This is generally around 10% more of what you'll actually end up getting. You can flip it on and off to see how todays dispatch is "supposed" to look if everything came in based off the current plan.

Actually, you can change it to show package count instead of stop count. Fun to do that and watch all the drivers freak out.

Good times.
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there is also a screen that shows the amount of "pieces" in your car, maybe that what they were yelling about.

Theres usually 3 nubers on the screen.

top: the most amount of stops you should have
Middle: the # you have
Bottom: the least amount of stops you should have.

but the top and bottom #'s change daily.
im not sure what they depend on, i think its a combo of thing tho.

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give it time, pas ain't perfect in a few years you will wonder how we lived without it. Ask oldtimes about change from paper.