Passers-by help rescue 2 from burning UPS tractor-trailer

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    ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. —Two people are in critical condition following the fiery crash of a UPS truck on Interstate 85 Thursday evening.

    The collision happened at 8:53 p.m. between mile markers 29 and 30 on I-85, and closed all northbound lanes of interstate for hours.

    Law enforcement at the scene said the driver of a UPS tractor-trailer was headed north to Greensboro when a tire blew, causing the tractor-trailer to hit a cement wall.

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    Hope all is well with all involved.

    Had similar situation in heart of Indy in sleeper truck.

    Heading north on I-65 out of Louky, in rush hour Indy traffic. Shattered right steer tire, sending pieces across all lanes and sending me and sleeping partner across all lanes that will accept me.

    Traffic scattered, letting me move to right shoulder. Then tried to put out triangles...another nightmare. Wished I was still struggling with steering rather than putting out triangles.
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    The company will probably say didn't do a proper pre-trip and accident was avoidable

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    Not on the steering axle. Contract says only premium tires on front.