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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by showstopper99, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. showstopper99

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    Roughly a month and a half ago I heard from some of my fellow union co workers that our second pay increase for 2013 was frozen due to all the different union ballots that were still being counted or resent out for a new vote.

    It had slipped my mind in the last few weeks to keep asking people around me about it, but I have yet to see my second pay increase show up. Does it sound like something wrong is going on, or is there a chance things are still frozen for the past 4 months?
  2. Old International

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    Until all the supplements are settled, no pay raise no nothing. It's like the clock stopped on the 31st of July. Once the supplements are settled, then we get the pay raise, retroactive to Aug 1.

    So keep track of all those hours......:wellduh:
  3. showstopper99

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    Ok, I was just wanting to make sure that was still the situation. I was hearing my coworkers talk a litte about it for awhile there, then all the sudden I just realized I haven't heard much said recently which made me worried something aside from the contract stuff was going on.

    Thank you for letting me know for sure though.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We received the second half of our split raises from the current contract in February. We were due to receive our most recent pay increase on Aug. 1st with the new contract but this has been delayed due to not all of the contract supplements being passed. Once they are all passed the master will be ratified and we will receive back pay for all hours worked since Aug. 1.
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    A Yes vote not sent in is the same as a No vote.
  6. jaker

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    Are you guys loving the post card we get from the union saying vote yes so we can get our raises

    That post card makes me sick because all I see is its telling people to vote yes because if they don't they won't get the raises

    I don't care if it takes the whole contract to get it settled and then we have guys like the OP who have no clue to what's going on and can't even ask the guy working next to him about it
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    I can't believe that people think something will change after the next raise is due. Of course it will be added to back pay if the contract is not settled. Pretty sure the newsmagazine, "Duh" went over that.
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    It's quite possible the guy next to him doesn't have a clue either.
  9. jaker

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    True but there is still another guy across from him to or he can go ask his steward to because he is working there to