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  1. NYCUPS718

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    Hello upsers. Last week i changed my direct deposit account information. I know it normally takes about 2-3 weeks to update. My question is will I receive a paper check? But i have paperless option for my pays stub what will be the outcome!! Thanks a lot
  2. Yeanop

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    It usually takes a couple weeks as you said so you will continue to receive a paper hard copy until it takes affect. I would suggest maybe checking your bank account online to see if you have any pending deposits, as the checks usually show as pending by Thursday.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have paperless direct for as long as I can remember. I go to upsers Thursday morning to check my pay advice. The only pay stub that you really need is the end of year for tax purposes and you can always print that off of upsers.

    I find it funny when the guys get all nervous when the checks do not show up before we go on road Thursday mornings. This wouldn't be an issue if they were paperless direct.
  4. Paperless is the way to go...highly recommend it.
  5. NYCUPS718

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    I have paperless already apply. I just change my direct deposit information so it takes a couple of wks to complete. Will they automatically send me a paper check with my paperless option apply. I'm in process in waiting for my direct deposit to kick in
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    I've used paperless for several years. My wife is actually able to check on Wednesday morning to see how much I made. Do yourself a favor and keep the most recent hard copy, this way you are able to view your total hours worked on the year so that you are able to get your pension credit, as well as for any time you need to show proof of income and/or residency.
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    I have direct deposit but still get a paper advice. It's my carrot on a stick.
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    I get a paper check, but I also don't live paycheck to paycheck. Its no big deal to me if the check is there or not. I also need my first paycheck of the year as it has my UW donation on it as use the 1 time donate option.
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    It's nice to open it up after a few 9.5 grievances get paid and show folks before PCM the adjustment column X00.00. That's one thing you can always count on, large paydays at UPS.
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    Don't that interfer with you tucking a few bucks away for "fun" money? When I first started (way before direct deposit was invented) my wife would meet me every Friday for breakfast and I would give her my paycheck. That is until the day her Grandmother reamed her a new one because according to her I worked hard for that money and deserved to have it in my posession until I decided how much I wanted to keep out for what I needed. Who was I to argue with that logic? After that she still met me for breakfast but I kept my check and cashed it on route and gave her the majority of it when I got home (after I had kept what I though I would need for the coming week + a few bucks extra for my fishing trip kitty.
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    Whether you live paycheck to paycheck or not makes no difference as to how you are paid. You don't "need" that first pay advice in paper form--you can go to upsers and print it out at your convenience.

    One time donation? I use the weekly donation ($50) as I am able to donate more ($2,600) than if I did a one time donation. I also get back roughly 25% of that donation when I file my taxes.
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  13. Richard Harrow

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    Haha. I follow what you're saying. I've seen from near and afar how UPS can destroy a marriage (not implying anything about you), but I can say with all the confidence in the world that I have no issues like this when it comes to my wife. We have an excellent working relationship when it comes to money (amongst other things). She regularly shovels money at me for my hobbies (none of which are illegal, one of which is this Saturday at Churchill Downs, KY) and she gets her money for the things she enjoys. The bills are paid, the kids are fed, and everyone is happy.

    The best example I could ever use to describe how cool my wife goes like this: When I was 18, I bought a classic muscle car. It was always in very nice shape in terms of the body, paint, and interior but the engine needed work. Anyhow, fast-forward to May 2004. We're both 22 and we get married after about 5 years of dating. A few months after the wedding we're looking at houses and I tell her that I think it's time for the car to go, that the extra $18 or $20k would be great towards a down payment. She would have none of it. Two weeks later it was at the shop getting an engine rebuild. 8 years later, it's still parked in our garage.

    We say we both found keepers, and we both go out of our way to keep it strong. I am a lucky man.